Thursday, February 18, 2010

Preview from the Pressbox - Chris Trondsen on ABDC5's Nationals

Here's the rest of Chris' report on the ABDC Nationals:
Backstage, while interviewing the crews, there were two different vibes. There were some crews that did really well in the Regionals, and wanted to make sure to keep that up and stay consistent and make sure not to get too big headed.  Those crews included Bluprint Cru, Poreotix, Saltare, Swagger Crew, and Heavy Impact.  Then there were crews that felt they had so much to prove after the Regionals, including dealing with some negative comments from the judges and even more negative comments from the blogs. Those crews included Jungle Boogie, Royal Flush, and Static Noyze. Those was the two main feelings from the crews backstage:  Either stay consistent and keep doing what worked or come back hard and prove why they belong there in the first place.

I think a lot of people are going to be shocked and disappointed in who went home, cause like myself, I would’ve NEVER thought it would be this crew.  But everyone that was backstage agreed with the judge’s choice because this crew just did not bring it this week like they did during the Regionals.  Still, it hurts because I feel they would’ve been an amazing crew all season.

Also, I noticed A LOT of people backstage saying how much better this season is and they actually like all the crews.  Especially after this week, people thought that crews stepped it up to a new level and proved they should be on ABDC. I think this season is going to be crazy and we’re going to have a tough time seeing a crew go home each week.It’s going to be a season where every crew has to bring it hard and avoid even little mistakes or they will be in danger of going home. When performances are as good as they were this week, a crew is only as good as its latest performance. 

Some other things that happened backstage was Glenda from Fanny Pak singing a Blink 182 song with a bunch of the crews joining in, a photo shoot with all three judges taking place when we first arrived backstage, a cipher happening after the taping of the show with a bunch of the crews taking place, the crews chanting "Season 5" before the taping, and the crews treating each other like family, hugging the crew that went home and consoling them.

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