Saturday, February 13, 2010

"4th ABDC Judge" judges ABDC's West Coast audition show

Reader "4th ABDC Judge" weighs in on America's Best Dance Crew 5's West Coast audition show: 

Poreotix: When I first heard about this crew and how they liked to do the robot, I thought “oh god, this has to be a joke. They’d never make it to national”. I’m so happy to be wrong. This group was actually very entertaining. In the beginning, I liked how they were so synchronized. Each move was nearly perfect to each other. Then, when I saw the powder and starting hear Taylor swift, I got very scared. Turns out, they actually make Taylor swift look good in hip-hop. They not only were staying synchronized, but now they started to go theatrical and comical. When they formed a balcony out of themselves, I figured that they would make it because this crew was so creative. Also, when starting tutting in the song. I never thought it was possible to tutt to Taylor Swift but they did and they made look amazing and just when I thought they couldn’t make this performance any better, they did. The VMA part with Kayne West was so creative and the fact that Kayne got beaten up, that was very funny. Sure, this group didn’t have any big fancy events but that’s what makes a good crew: They didn’t big tricks to get the audience to love them. Also, their difficulty wasn’t that high, but I still loved it regardless. I so happy that they made it. They deserved to. My advice to them would be to step up the difficulty and maybe through in a trick or two but they don’t HAVE to. 

Heavy Impact: This crew I thought was an okay crew. Their choreography was okay. I mean their moves were together like Poreotix, but they were not even close to them. They were different because of the sex appeal but they still were kind of bad in my opinion. I mean, the only memorable thing they did really was the X-flip and that was impressive for guy his size I’ll give him that. But over all, their performance to me was weak. I don’t think they deserved to go to national. Break EFX or Blended Projekt should have. My advice to them, they definitely have to step up their difficulty and really kill the choreo. I know I didn’t talk to them as much as Poreotix, but that’s because as I said, they weren’t as memorable as them.   

Blended Projekt: I was pretty excited about this crew because Dynamic Edition was one of my favorites crew and another clogging crew would be cool I thought. I like this crew. How they started really got me excited. The whole back flip over the three tumblers was pretty cool and they stuck a toe touch, just like Michael Jackson. And I know what you’re thinking “oh my god, Michael Jackson again”. But, he was the king of pop and his moves were legendary. They gave a little respect to him and I appreciate it. Just like Dynamic Edition. I like how their clogging was on beat with the music (well it had to be but whatever). I thought the isolated but with the 15 year old was alright. I did make it look hip-hop, but it wasn’t very good in my opinion. I did however like the partnering up bit. It showed this group’s chemistry and I liked it. One thing I didn’t like however was that the guy in the group was doing all the big tricks, the flips, handstand, and nothing from the girls. I wanted this group to move on but that’s just my opinion. My advice to them, make sure the girls step it up work on the choreo a little bit more because it was good, I think it could have been better.

Hype 5-0: This group was impossible to frown at because they were so energetic. The way the open it was good. It showed that they know how to put on a show. But was cool was how they put a show on at first and then they can change to hard hip-hop so quickly. I also liked how they used the entire stage so quickly. The run to the front and that bow move and then going back and starting up again was great. They also played to the crowd so well. They really got them, well, hyped up. Not to mention they used levels. How they were rolling on the ground and how one guy did a split in the air was awesome. They also used the ladies to their advantage. They gave a little booty shaking which I think the guys like. The end was cool to because of the split and the flip. This group was all around good. My advice to them would be to highlight each member of the group. They were still good but I’d like to see each of the members talents.

Break EFX: I liked this crew so much. They were a show. The beginning actually scared me. Sure, they had great stunts but I thought they would be like Status Quo or Legendary Seven: They would go to heavy on the stunts and not do anything for choreo. Sure, they did do a lot of stunts like the head spin, the flip over the handstand and so much more, but they did do some choreography as well. They did highlight some of the members of the crew. I thought that was a good thing to add because it’s not a group, it’s a group with seven different people. What was really dope though was the head slide and hand stand jump across half the stage. I really liked this group because they were a well balance group and I was devastated that Heavy Impact made instead of them. I really can’t say anything bad about them. But, my advice would be work on the choreo more. I don’t want them to be like Legendary seven and really to heavily on big stunts.

Battle: This was the best battle of all 3 regionals:

- Blended Projekt did a good job. They had some clean formations like the diagonal line and the Two 4 person groups. But again, the guy did all the stunts. Overall, a let down from their previous performance.
- Hype 5-0 was sticking to what they previously did which I liked. Again, they did the booty shaking, and the entire stage being used and they did a bow again. But they also added the that leg thing across the floor which was pretty cool and a rowing thing which was very clean. They did a little better then their previous performance. 
- Break EFX I thought was a huge letdown. This is what happens when you use to many stunts in your first performance: the audience expects your battle to be just as good if not better. They set themselves way to high up and crashed to the bottom. They didn’t have that great of choreo and only had a few big stunts. Such a let down  and that’s why Hype 5-0 moved on.

If Break EFX didn’t battle, they could have won. I thought Break EFX and Poreotix could have moved on and Heavy Impact should have left. Not sure about Blended Projekt and Hype 5-0, but the crews have been chosen and I can’t do anything. Let’s see how the nine crews do in the nationals. 

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