Saturday, February 20, 2010

"The 4th ABDC Judge" weighs in on Chart Topper Challenge

Here's the full analysis from "The 4th ABDC judge":

Getting started with the Chart Topper Challenge Routines:
STATIC NOYZE: What I really like about you is that I followed your story perfectly and you are very good with theatrics. You guys kind of remind me of ICONic from season one but they didn’t really tell a story, they just made it broadway. You guys are very good and you don’t need big tricks which is something I like. But, I’m not saying big tricks is a bad thing. If you want to incorporate a trick or two into it,(like the leg pull from regionals), that’d be cool.
Slo-Mo: When Gustavo was picking between Suzette and Jessenia and then Suzette wanted to get them by jumping at them. Very cool and your face were perfect. Suzette, you were angry and it was perfect.

BLUEPRINT CRU: This crew I think works so well together, your chemistry is so good and it really shows when you dance. You guys definitely stepped it up from regionals. They told you to do something memorable, you did. When (I think it was) Vannesa was thrown like a rag doll, I thought that was pretty cool. Overall, I thought it was pretty good performance.
Slo-Mo: When Lorena was pushing everyone aside. You were telling us “I’m in charge and you better get outta my way." You were talking through dance which is good. Also, when the guys were vogueing. It shows that you can play different angles which is important.

SALTARE: Wow, straight off the bat, the energy went flying. All those jumpropes going at the same time. I was getting lost. The best thing was that you didn’t just use the jump ropes, you through them away and started isolating. I know JC said that alright but it’s true. I don’t want to see just your stunts (which by the way are amazing), I want to see more choreo. But besides that it was great.
Slo-mo: When you used the jump ropes as lassoes. It shows that really know how to think outside the box. You were like, ”we’re not going to show that jump ropes are just for jumping, we’re going to open they’re eyes and show them what more we can do and I thought it was very creative.

I don’t think I can say anything bad. The whole performance was cool because, as the other judges said, you incorporated a lot of styles. You were on the floor breaking and the flips the threading, all of it combined made a great performance. I thought this crew was very fluid.  Overall, I thought it was a good performance.
Slo-Mo: When you gave the spotlight to Dakota. You used your only girl in your crew to your advantage and it’s very good. I’m mean she can play with the boys and it shows. Keep up the good work. Also, the card thing was cool.

SWAGGER CREW: It’s not that you were bad, but you didn’t bring their energy like in the regionals. I did like how you also used your only girl in the crew to your advantage. Showing that she not dances like the boys, but also shows her feminine side. The bridge in the beginning was cool, I enjoyed that.Also, at the end when Jason jumped on the backs, I was expecting like a back flip or something, but you just jumped off, not to be mean, but I thought that wasn’t to great at that point. I like this crew, I really do, but try to incorporate some stunts if you can. 
Slo-Mo: The part with the flame was pretty cool. It went perfectly with this song and it shows your planning, which is great.

JUNGLE BOOGIE: The thing I look forward to in this crew is the energy and it nevers dies. You go out there and you have fun.  I like how Raqi, queen of the crew, stepped up and led them. She did the splits, that pull back thing was cool, and it was just some much fun to watch. I also did like your cranking, it very upbeat, like this crew. Only advice, fellas, don’t let her out do you. I did see one of you do the flips, but what about the others? Try to keep up with the entire crew, other than that, it was cool.
Slo-mo: When Raqi was on top of the guys and it was like and cool dance formation. It was good, you are using levels and I like that. 

POREOTIX: I kinda thought this was an easy performance. Don’t get me wrong, still like the crew and how you do the story telling, but I think it’s too easy. I did like the whole alarm clock and when it said toss and turn, you really turned. You use the lyrics as your moves and I find that good. I did see you robotics move, when you were putting on the shades that was cool. My advice is to really step it up.
 Slo-mo: That whole fingers movements. Wow. That was cool, it was like a wave and it was so fluid like.

HEAVY IMPACT: I’m going to be honest, at first, I didn’t like this crew. But after this performance, you just shut me up. You were great. You showed that just because they’re big, doesn’t mean you can’t rock it. I especially liked the pirouettes from Leon, showing everyone that you can make it and I applaud you for that. Also, the big flips from Issac was dope.   My only advice, is your choreo. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. I think just a little twick will do it for you. But if don’t that’s cool because you still are a very good group.
Slo-mo: When Leon was a bridge and then Christopher went under and Stephen went onev with a flip. It reminded me of what Quest crew did and what Rhythm City did but you made it your own style and it was great. 

HYPE 5-0You were pretty good. I didn’t like the 1st half so much.  It was good how you were all together and the lottery machine was cool, but I thought it wasn’t you. However, after the swing, it was the energy blew up and you just killed it and your fluid style came back and it was awesome.  I want you to keep that energy throughout your entire performance but besides that, great job.  
Slo-mo: When you jumped off the stage and got the snorkels. You were showing your Hawaiian flavor and I liked it. T
Battle: Let’s go in order. HYPE 5-0: This is what I wanted, your energy. It was great. The lights were creative and the police car thing was genius. Then the two officers ( I think it was Brittnie and William) shot down Joshua when the song was the police shut us down. It was very creative and your energy was back.
SWAGGER CREW: I liked how you entered in with smiles on your faces and they casual walk. I thought that was funny. The tipsy part however was expected. I thought like a vogue dip would be cool.   The booty shakin was just another way to emphasize the woman in the crew and it was good. Then the backward tumble over the two dudes was sick.
STATIC NOYZE: I liked how you entered with a little shuffle. I also like how they lifted Suzette’s leg far up. It reminded me o f the leg pull from regionals. And the clock thing, that was sick. So creative and out there.

Walk it out: 
I will really miss Swagger crew, they were my favorite Southern crew. It's not easy talking about the walk it out because it’s not really choreographed but I’ll try. The thing I liked the most was when Terrence was knee spinning around the stage.  Swagger, you will be missed and never lose your swagger.

Final comment:
I really am looking forward to the winner. It’s a 6 in a 8 chance that for the first time, a co-ed crew will win ABDC. Let’s find out.
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