Saturday, February 27, 2010

BJHayPinoy ranks and reviews ABDC's Music Video Challenge

There's a near-tie for the #1 spot:  

a.HYPE 5-0  I honestly believe that Hype 5-0 was the biggest step up from last week. They were so amazing. They brought the sexiness of Janet week from Season 2 because it was honestly a flashback to the sexiness that Jackie Lautchang/Ailyn Isidro and SoReal Cru brought with a sweet reminiscent mix of Fanny Pak's girl on girl kiss. It wasn't an overdo either because the girls are pretty damn good looking. Ahh.. they even brought their energy and fire to a sexy Britney song. Overall, I was thoroughly satisfied with their performance and it was to me, an equal performance with Static Noyze.
WOW Moment – Oh jeez.. I loved how Britney and Casey started off on top of the bars in the back of the stage, but my favorite moment was when they used Jon Ramones as the bar pole and how Allen and Will really connected well to finish the end of the bars.’
Word of Advice – Not too much here, but I think just fix up some timing issues, but otherwise great performance.
b. STATIC NOYZE – Oh wow, I felt it. Even though it wasn’t as theatrically powerful as their Whatcha Say performance, I honestly feel that the performance was a great show that brought everything. The use of the shopping part was great and I loved how they incorporated Peter Veth with a flip over the shopping cart. There is just something about Static Noyze that clicks for me and I love their choreography on top of the theatrics that they were able to bring. They say they barely do tricks, but they did do some great tricks and teamwork. Overall, great top performance.
WOW Moment – Peter Veth’s flip, and the ending.
Word of Advice – Add a sense of difficulty. I didn’t see TOO much difficulty, but otherwise GREAT performance.
3. BLUEPRINT CRU – Ah Blueprint, you never cease to awe me with your choreography and I honestly felt the emotion from the crew, especially from Derek as Omarion. He shaved his head just to look like “O” for this performance! That is sportsmanship and great showmanship! I love the popping part and the use of the headstand. They were perfectly in sync as usual, and the bboy portion and the end was a nice icing to the cake. Overall, this was a great performance for Blueprint.
WOW Moment – The popping stuck with me throughout the whole performance. Another great moment was the beginning, the perfectness to the hand wave out.
Word of Advice – There wasn’t too much use of levels this week and I believe that they can really branch out into other styles like having high energy. I’d love to see a high energy type performance from Blueprint.

4. JUNGLE BOOGIE – Jungle Boogie placed higher than Poreotix for me this week their energy and innovative use of the wolf theme was great. I FEEL their energy so much and I respect for being the last crew from the South, but they’re DEFINITELY DEFINITELY represent the South so well at the level that Strikers All-Stars and SoReal brought. I love how they created the bridge run-up for the wolf and I love how sexy Raqi got. Great performance from them too.
WOW Moment – When Raqi is on top of the platform held by two of her members, being sexy and doing her thing. Also the ENDING where she sat like the queen holding her pet wolf was eye-catching. LOVED IT.
Word of Advice – Bring out your energy a bit more next week and be more synced together and try to bring out styles that you are not familiar with even harder.
– Poreotix being my favorite crew, I knew this week would either be a AMAZING or OK week. This was an okay week for them. I loved use of the umbrellas at the beginning and I would not have hit them too hard because of the fact that the umbrellas being off while spinning them. I like the use of the stage this week because while highlighting Lawrence as Rihanna, the crew was able to add a little bit of breaking and choreography(Lawrence’s flip to the front of the stage where he seemed like he would fall off). I would say.. they had a weak beginning also and that they could have use the umbrella better. Also, if Justin Valles was able to pull off that bboy spin with the umbrella, that could have been HOT.
WOW Moment – The peel away to the hits of the music. I LOVE their facial expressions and sexiness that they brought which was neglected to be brought up. LOL, they brought sexy body rolls and a funny faced ending holding onto Charles.
Word of Advice – You guys are giving your fans and America mixed reviews. I’ll ALWAYS love you guys no matter what, but I want to see your breaking and choreography and let Lawrence and Justin’s choreography break through.
6. ROYAL FLUSH – Overall OK performance. I don’t remember too much about this performance, but I love how they were well together and that they played off their biggest strength, which is always bringing a little bit of every style. I also admire their floor-work. I am happy that Giselle was able to pull through and do the floor work and that they were able to use the swipes in a consecutive order and eliminate the fact that it could be sloppy if not all members were able to hit the swipe to the ground all at the same time.
WOW Moment – The floor-work and the ending where the cards spilled out of the guys mouth.
Word of Advice – I’m sad to see you guys go already, but it is was it is. I’m not going to say who deserved to be in the bottom, but I am happy that they did so well. They had potential.
7. HEAVY IMPACT – I do love me some Heavy Impact, but I think they could have brought more this week. I did like the flip to the front by Leon, but I think that they need to bring it HARDER on each move that they use. I wish I could say more about them.. wait I think I can o_O.. I love that they are always so in sync with each other and that they hit their choreography so well. I do NOT believe they are a gimmick.
WOW Moment – The ending, the bow for some reason stuck to me and the flip from Leon.
Word of Advice – Never say that you don’t look as good. Some of the best poppers in the world were big and I want you guys to HIT America in the face if you so can.
7. SALTARE – This performance made me jerk a little after the beginning car crash. I honestly respect Saltare for what they do, but like the judges honestly said “it is what it is.” If I don’t see beautiful choreography I won’t gain any respect anymore for them because the car crash with the two girls was a big no no. I don’t know if other people noticed that one of the girls also somewhere in the performance got her foot caught in the jump rope while getting out, and the choreography was out of sync in the beginning until the end. They didn’t look like they were trying to bring out the energy of Shake It, and the concept behind the video was not well represented either.
WOW Moment – Perfectly synced back flip with the video in the jump rope, but that’s it.
Word of Advice – Pretty much all of what I said above. BRING IT NEXT WEEK, or else America will begin to think EVEN MORE that Saltare was one of the biggest jokes to be on ABDC because those three mistakes honestly made me link their choreography even lower than Sassx7.

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