Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Reader's Prediction for ABDC's West Coast audition show

Here's the detail on Isaac's prediction:

Poreotix  Why they'll be saved:
1.The crew itself has that look of an ABDC champ. They bring something new to the table with their signature shades and comedy as well as intricate choreography.
2.Poreotics represented the US in HHI and placed first in the US competition. HHI producers have been involved with ABDC since season 1, so I wouldnt be surprised if a good word was put in for Poreotics.
3.They have the biggest pre-show fanbase since Jabbawockeez.
4.They freakin rock your socks off!

 Hype 5-0   Why they'll be saved:
1. MTV would not pass up the first Hawaiian crew on the show. I can already hear Mario Lopez on the first episode saying "Say ALOHA to our first crew from Hawaii....Hype 5-0!!" (ugh). It''s  good marketing and can lead to good ratings.
2.In a recent interview, The Hype revealed they have the whole state backing them up as compared to a whole city backing a crew (say LA , or San Diego, or Vegas). MTV would have the chance to raise their ratings through the roof with a whole state watching.
3.Hype 5-0 is amazing at choreography, they hit very hard and bring that sort of SoFr3shKabaMillenia status, while still keeping thier own.
4.Who can forget the notorious knee drop which gets them to Top 4 with that alone.

 BreakEFX Why they'll go to battle and win:
1. I think it would be too easy for MTV to market the "We bringin the title back for bboys" story.   By judging these bboys on their choreography rather than the power moves you get a TV struggle of BreakEFX trying to prove bboys can choreo. With this they will be criticized on the choreography (as they would like to be) and be sent to the battle so that the judges can see what they do.
2. Because bboys destroy the battle scene, the whole audition process for BreakEFX could lead to the whole "comeback of the bboy" story through the season and get them to Top 3.

 Heavy Impact  Why they'll get cut:
The judges will give them props for comin out here and killing it in a whole new way. They will talk about how "anyone can dance" and acknowledge Heavy Hitters for their effort and makin it this far.
Blended Projekt  Why they'll get cut: 

This is the wildcard crew, the Saltare or the Jungle Boogie of the West Coast. From the little we do know they probably won't make it. 

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