Saturday, February 13, 2010

From Big Boy: Ranking ABDC Seasons 1-4 -- a new system

Here's Big Boy's analysis and conclusions:

"Before I start this, let me first say that I respect ALL of the dance crews I am about to mention. They are all talented, and I wish I could dance like they dance.

9th Place Finishers
Season 1: Enigma Crew
Season 2: Distorted X/ Sass x7
Season 3: G.O.P. Dance
Season 4: Fr3sh

4th Place: Enigma Crew (1): Liked the energy they brought on season 1, but they were not that good at all, mainly because of their leader Mouse.
3rd Place: Distorted X/ Sass x7 (2): This is an interesting situation. Since season 2 had 10 crews, I decided to put both of them together. I liked DX when they were on the show, even though I didn’t get to see much of them. Sass x7 was just plain whack. Shouldn’t have made it past the auditions.
2nd Place: G.O.P. Dance (3): I expected them to bring more latin flavor on the show, and when they did bboy moves, they were really sloppy. But they had moments where they looked pretty good, so they get 2nd.
1st Place: Fr3sh (4): Don’t get too happy Fr3sh fanatics. They get first by default. Even though they get first, I didn’t like their crew’s choice challenge. Too much hairspray, and the song choice was terrible. But their sudden death was pretty good, and I liked their audition so they get the nod.

8th Place Finishers
Season 1: Femme 5
Season 2: Xtreme Dance Force
Season 3: Boxcuttuhz
Season 4: Artistry in Motion

4th Place: Femme 5 (2): Wasn’t impressed with them from the start. Their video star performance was pretty good, but it seemed like they were trying too hard to be like other crews and it didn’t pay out. Don’t get me wrong, they are all talented dancers outside the show, but they are not good at putting a routine together in one week.
3rd Place: Xtreme Dance Force (4): They didn’t impress me either. Thought they would be an underdog after their audition, but they ended up just being a dog J. Their audition and video star performances put them over Femme 5.
2nd Place: Artistry in Motion (6): I liked their style they brought to the show. They brought a contemporary hip hop style that hasn’t been on the show much. I liked the message they brought too. Very talented ladies, but they don’t even compare to BC.
1st Place: Boxcuttahz (8): This is coming from someone who is not a BC fan. They got out WAY WAY WAY too early on the show. Their audition was one of the sickest auditions I’ve seen, along with Supreme Soul and Kaba Modern. Now when they were on the show, its understandable that their 2 performances weren’t that impressive, but their audition alone puts them ahead of the other 3.

7th Place finishers
Season 1: ICONic
Season 2: Phresh Select
Season 3: Team Millenia
Season 4: Southern Movement

4th Place: Southern Movement (3): It seemed to me they were only chosen for the show because of their “Hick Hop” gimmick. At the end they proved they can actually dance, but overall, I was never really impressed by them.
3rd Place: Phresh Select (6): VERY underrated on season 2. Loved their Motown Philly performance. But at the same time, they deserved to be eliminated 7th unlike the top 2 crews in this group.
2nd Place: Team Millenia (9): I expected a lot more from them not only because it was technically their second time on the show, but also because of their resume’ outside the show, i.e. owning Kaba Modern @ Vibe, Body Rock, etc. Even though they underachieved, they still kept getting better as the show progressed, and their Britney performance was IMO one of the best performances on season 3. Should not have lost to Ringmasters.
1st Place: ICONic (12): Loved their mix of broadway and hiphop. One of the rare crews on all four seasons that is a straight up choreo crew, and they do it very well. After watching season 1, I still can’t figure out how they didn’t get votes, and crews like Status Quo did.

6th Place finishers
Season 1: Live in Color
Season 2: A.S.I.I.D.
Season 3: Ringmasters
Season 4: Beat Ya Feet Kings

4th Place: Ringmasters (4): I completely understand that flexing is dancing, but it seemed like in all of their performances only 2 guys would flex, and the other guys would just stand around watching. They owe the ticket people for ABDC some money, cause if they are going to watch someone else dance, they might as well sit in the stands.Wasn’t impressed with them from the start.
3rd Place: Beet Ya Feet Kings (8):  Not really impressed with them either, but unlike Ringmasters, all crew members were dancing, and not standing around watching. Still, they were very sloppy, which is disappointing cause I’ve been to D.C., and I’ve seen D.C. crews that are a lot cleaner than they are (NO I’m NOT TALKING ABOUT BOOGIE BOTS!!!!!)
2nd Place: Live in Color (12): By far the most energetic crew to ever be on ABDC. I’ve never seen any crew dance to fast songs like they have, but they only showed us that WOW factor for the first couple of episodes, then after that, they were just ok, but they should have not lost to Fysh N Chicks on week 4.
1st Place: A.S.I.I.D. (16): Loved this crew since the beginning. Very consistent throughout the show, and they work extremely well together. It was also amazing how Joey could keep up with the group, even though he couldn’t hear the music. My only issue with them is even though they didn’t have any sucky performances, they didn’t have any amazing ones either. Still, they were better than the other three.

5th Place finishers
Season 1: Fysh N Chicks
Season 2: Supreme Soul
Season 3: Dynamic Edition
Season 4: Vogue Evolution

4th Place: Fysh N Chicks (5): They are the third best all girl crew to be on the show IMO. Liked their audition and LOVED their Michael Jackson, but there were too many times during season 1 where they looked like the weakest crew on the show.
3rd Place: Vogue Evolution (10): Loved their Vogueing, and I thought they were really creative in a lot of their performances. But outside of their Vogueing I wasn’t feeling them that much, and they were very sloppy.
2nd Place: Dynamic Edition (15): When I first heard cloggers made it on the 3rd season, I thought it was a practical joke by MTV remote control, but when I saw how good DE was the first episode, they changed my mind. Very clean and together, but just like VE, they bring diversity to the show, but lack diversity themselves, and it was pretty obvious they weren’t gonna win season 3.
1st Place: Supreme Soul (20): The most underrated crew on ABDC IMO. They had the sickest audition I’ve ever seen. Even though they were wildly inconsistent (one great performance, followed by a sucky one, followed by a mindblowing one), there is no doubt these guys are very talented dancers individually, which is not showcased enough on the show, and they can do more than one style of dance. If it weren’t for MTV selling them as cocky jerks, and all the Jabbawockeez nonsense, they would’ve been top 3 on season 2 at least.

4th Place finishers
Season 1: Break Sk8
Season 2: Boogie Bots
Season 3: Strikers All-Stars
Season 4: Rhythm City

4th Place: Boogie Bots (6): I actually get excited when I see the Boogie Bots (unlike Lil Mama. LOL!!!!) They have moments when they look sick in a good way, i.e. the game over performance w/ the glow in the dark and the giant robot, but when they made it to the top 6 on S2, they just weren’t up the snow w/ the other crews.
3rd Place: Break Sk8 (12): I thought the stuff they did on skates was phenomenal. I would love to see any dancers dance while skating. Even though they were talented, their were limited as far as dancing and challenges are concerned because they were on skates, kind of like DE and their clogging shoes. 
2nd Place: Strikers All-Stars (18): Wasn’t a big fan of theirs when they started the show, even though I love stepping when done right, but after their fit test and Britney performances, they became one of my favorite crews on S3. After those two performances, they started to slowly decline. They would’ve been 1st place in this category, but there is one big mistake that sticks in my mind, and that is when Mike was completely lost on the Battle of the sexes week. If u forget a step, or stumble a little, I’ll give u a pass, but he was completely lost at the wrong time when they were in the bottom.
1st Place: Rhythm City (24): They were one of the few bright spots in season 4. I thought the east coast had very weak crews until RC came on the show. Loved their performance the first week, the martial arts, and the VMA. and just like Supreme Soul, they can do more than one style of dance, and they can do it well. Should not have lost to Massive Monkees on the VMA week. Still skeptical about that decision.

3rd Place finishers
Season 1: Kaba Modern
Season 2: Fanny Pak
Season 3: Fly Khicks
Season 4: Massive Monkees

4th Place: Fly Khicks (7): They had moments when they proved themselves on the show, but I was more shocked than anybody that they made it this far in the show. I think they were shocked too. The other three bronze medalists are in a different league than these ladies.
3rd Place: Massive Monkees (14): I expected these guys to bring lots of bboy flavor in their performances like Super Cr3w did in season 2, since they were the only other true bboy crew on the show. I didn’t see much of that at all. Considering their resume (winning numerous bboy competitions, having a holiday named after them in Seattle, and beating Super Cr3w in a battle in ’04), I expected them to blow S4 out of the water. They vastly underachieved. It seemed like they are better at dancing individually, than putting a routine together in one week.
2nd Place: Fanny Pak (21): I’m gonna be completely honest about Fanny Pak. When I first saw them @ the S2 live auditions, I thought they were better than TM, but I thought they were going to be one of the first crews to be eliminated once the show started cause of their retro 80’s style. Boy I was 150% wrong. Very entertaining and charismatic, and their Missy Elliott and Flashdance routines were amazing and 2 of my favorite performances on the show. Should not have lost 2 SC3 in the 80’s week, and should not have been in the bottom 2 for that matter. The biggest Cinderella story on ABDC thus far. From getting booed off stage @ the live audition, to becoming a fan favorite. 
1st Place: Kaba Modern (28): I thought long and hard whether 2 put KM or FP in this spot, and I had 2 lean toward Kaba. Their choreo and precision was sick, w/ a capital S. They got the nod over FP cause they were one of the top crews since the beginning, while FP didn’t become a top crew till the 4th week. Their one of the few crews that don’t have 2 do tricks, stunts, gimmicks, etc… and still give amazing performances. Should have been top 2 w/ Jabba in S1.

2nd Place finishers
Season 1: Status Quo
Season 2: Soreal Cru
Season 3: Beat Freaks
Season 4: Afroborike

4th Place: Status Quo (8): I actually liked SQ when they started out, but when I watched more of their performances, all they could do was flips and stunts. As for their choreo,…..just look @ their jack in the box performance. That will tell u all u need 2 know. Not top 2 worthy at all.
3rd Place: Afroborike (16): I was shocked when they chose AB on season 4 over crews like poreotics, lost kids, knucklehead zoo, etc…. Not a fan of theirs when they started out, but after all the sexy lifts they kept doing, i.e. the crotch face J, I started to appreciate them more. They really proved themselves after the first couple of weeks, but they pale in comparison to SRC and BF.
2nd Place: Soreal Cru (24): Loved their smooth r&b style when they started out the show. They blew me away @ the live audition. They were also very consistent throughout the show, but as the show wore on, there was nothing difficult about their choreo as JC would say, and after all the wacky voting there was in S2, I was shocked when they were never in the bottom 2. I thought it should’ve been an all west coast top 3 (SC3, SS, and FP). Still, they were one of my top crews in S2, and 4 the record; I loved how much they improved after the show, especially @ HHI.
1st Place: Beat Freaks (32): The best all female crew on the show by far. Lots of hype about them on S3, and they lived up to it. Blew me away week 1, and just like SS and RC, they can do multiple styles of dance and can do it well. They disappointed me on week 7 w/ the hip hop decathalon and their last chance challenge, but they blow the other runner ups out of the water. This was a no brainer.

1st Place finishers -- WINNERS
Season 1: Jabbawockeez
Season 2: Super Cr3w
Season 3: Quest Crew
Season 4: We Are Heroes

4th Place: We Are Heroes (9): The first all female crew to win the show. They were the only other bright spot on S4 along w/ Rhythm City. Loved their popping, but when I put them against the other champions, they’re not even in the ballpark. The other champions showed me an “it” factor on a consistent basis, while WAH only showed me an “it” factor the first week and their ichiban performance. Love these ladies, but they are the worst ABDC champion.
3rd Place: Super Cr3w (18): These guys were one of my favorites since the start of S2. Very accomplished bboys outside of the show, especially Ronnie. They gave me lots of reat performances on the show, while also showcasing their bboy flavor. My only issue w/ them is while they are phenomenal bboys, that is all they can do. Their choreo is weak, and they can’t do other styles of dance like Jabba and Quest can.
2nd Place: Quest Crew (27): I’m probably gonna get a lot of heat 4 putting Quest 2nd, but hey, its my list. Anyway, the first week these guys blew me out of my seat the first week. It was pretty obvious it was gonna be either Quest or BF as the S3 champs. Glad these guys won. Very tight choreo, spectacular tricks, and wonderful showmanship. Their hip hop decathelon and orQUESTra took the cake for me. I didn’t put them first cause as far as the whole package, Jabba edges out Quest by a very slim margin.
1st Place: Jabbawockeez (36): I’m gonna start my comments by a quote from Shane on week 7 on S1. Shane: “Jabbawockeez, yall have just set the standard for the next ten seasons”. I completely agreed w/ Shane. If up and coming crews want a blueprint on how to become ABDC, there will be a picture of Jabba on the front page. Nearly perfect combination of choreo, tricks, showmanship, and memorable moments. And they have that “it” factor I can’t explain. It may be their masks, I don’t know. But also like Shane said, if crews don’t come at Jabba’s level, they need to stay home. Very true.

4th Place: Season 4 (94 pts)
3rd Place: Season 1 (116 pts)
2nd Place: Season 2 (117 pts)
1st Place: Season 3 (123 pts)

So there u go guys, season 3 has the most talent from top to bottom. I hope u guys have enjoyed reading this, I sure have had fun writing this.

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