Thursday, February 25, 2010

Preview from the Pressbox - Chris Trondsen on ABDC5's Music Video Challenge

Here's the rest of Chris' preview:

Most of the crews’ performances were solid, but the two crews that ended up getting the most votes gave (in my opinion) the two best performances of the night.  It really showed why these two crews earned the most votes from the viewers.   

One crew ended up messing up a few times and struggled to get back into the rhythm of things.  They are a fan favorite and it will be interesting to see if their fans rally behind them to support them moving on even though they weren't as strong as in earlier weeks.

Here are some behind the scenes things that you will not see watching tonight’s episode:   
The crew that ended up getting sent home stuck around for interviews.  What this means is after they find out they are going home, they still stuck around to talk to press.  This is impressive because most crews end up saying they don’t want to talk to press and just leave early. They worked hard and had so much to prove so they took going home pretty bad.  However, they showed professionalism by sticking around and speaking to press.  

One crew ended up getting a song and a prop from a video that they didn’t like.  Watching the show, it was pretty obvious which crew got the short end of the stick for this challenge.  It was much more difficult than any other of the crew’s challenges.  The song was more difficult to dance to and the props were very hard to dance on stage with.  They still had a great performance and made the best of it, but behind the scenes, they didn’t like what was given to them. 

One thing I was told by all the MTV staffers is that this is the season where the members of each crew have become the closest.  They all stay in a hotel close to the studio in Burbank and many of the crews will go into each other’s rooms and watch movies or sit in the lobby and talk for hours.  They are genuinely disappointed when a crew goes home.  This, out of all the crews, is the season where each crew has become super close to the other crews and a huge family.  When a crew goes home, backstage we see all the other crews hugging them and consoling them and doing what they can to help them keep their head’s up.

This Week's Guests:
This week’s guests included Supreme Soul from Season 2.  They are close friends with Hype 5-0 and some of the member’s of Hype are actually part of Supreme Soul’s extended dance family.  They came down from Northern California to support.  Also, Josh aka Hazmat’s older brother Jason came all the way from Hawaii to surprise his brother and support his crew.  Jason designs clothing for the clothing company Kallusive clothing, and the other two owners of the company were all there wearing Hype 5-0 shirts a clothing designer from Hawaii made for them!

Also, Mario Lopez’s friend and Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao showed up to watch the show.  He arrived with a whole entourage following him and sat in the audience to both enjoy the show and support Mario Lopez who invited him.
DaShaun from last season’s Vogue Evolution flew out here from New York and hosted for  He sat in the press room with us and experienced what is was like to be there.  He really enjoyed it and is going to try to be back next week before he heads back home.

The crew Klaamation was also in attendance.  Some may know them as one of the crews that were in contending to be on the show representing the West Coast.  Members were also in Omarion’s two music videos for “I Get It In” and “Hoodie” and responsible for the choreography.  They watched the show and also talked to Chris Stokes, and Romeo and Marques Houston from Immature/IMx because members have also worked with Chris Stokes’ T.U.G. label.  Also, backstage was Cameron Hobbs and Christa from BreakEFX.

Overall, I felt last week’s episode was much stronger, however, this weeks was still a must see.  This season really has a lot of talent and it’s pretty hard to decide which crews are going to end up in the finals.  The music video challenge was great and they actually played the music video while the crew was performing and when they do the part of the video they had to recreate for the challenge, it shows them in comparison to the actual video and just how close the crews come to performing it just like it’s being done in the video!   It was really impressive!  So make sure you watch tonight and keep voting to keep your favorite crew around!

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