Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Teldon's ABDC Rewatch Review - Season 4, Episode 8: The Live Finale


Lil Mama's pick:Artistry In Motion, Vogue Evolution, and We Are Heroes dancing to "Girls On The Dance Floor" by Far East Movement
What I thought- This is the second best finale performance of all time (Quest, Dynamic Edition, and Strikers All-Stars still hold that honor).  All these girls were really creative in the choreo that they did, and it was done well.  They fused their styles together seamlessly throughout the set and gave good and unusual visuals.

JC Chasez' pick: AfroBoriké, Fr3sh, and Rhythm City dancing to "Fire Burning" by Sean Kingston
What I thought- Like almost all the other finale routines that feature an (almost) even number of men and women this was a surprisingly great set.  They managed to get the partner work of Afroborike in there with fun and carefree attitude of Fr3sh and deliver hard hitting moves that Rhythm City is known for. With that said, I am gonna take back what I said about "Girls on the Dance Floor".  This set was just a bit better than the girls because Rhythm City and Fr3sh wanted to prove something. They most certainly did.

Shane Sparks's pick: Beat Ya Feet Kings, Massive Monkees, and Southern Movement dancing to "I Do" by Lil Jon featuring Swizz Beatz & Snoop Dogg

What I thought- This was a good performance.  It was not as strong as the other two sets done but it was still entertaining.  I liked that everyone was able to do everyone else's moves at one point or another and they framed the individual team performances very well.

AfroBoriké and We Are Heroes dancing to "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas
What I thought- This is easily one of the best top two duos ever (though its placement on that list is open to personal tastes.)  With that said, I am gonna place it under "Beggin'" which was done by Quest and the Beat Freaks.  While this routine had the fusion style I love to death, it seemed like something was off the whole time.  Both groups did well here. I just wish they would have hit harder.

Did America get it right?  Thank God, yes.  Many will vehemently argue that it should have been Rhythm City in the Winner's Circle.  Despite that, We are Heroes really did earn it week after week.  I will agree that Afroborike had no place in the top two.

Thoughts on the season as a whole- This was not a bad season.  It just had the misfortune of following an incredibly strong season.  Unlike most people, I appreciate close seasons and actually enjoyed the diversity in styles.  I mean, I won't take anything away from Quest and Beat Freaks but those two crews seemed so similar to each other it was like watching the same crew perform twice in one night.  Also, for overall entertainment value, this was the
best finale night out of all five seasons.  Every routine was good to amazing, and everyone redeemed themselves in their routines.

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