Sunday, March 13, 2011

Teldon's Rewatch Review: Season 5 Episode 10: Hip-Hop Nation & Last Chance Challenge

Challenge One: Hip Hop Nation- crews must make a routine featuring three distinct styles of dance:

"Get Me Bodied" by Beyoncé   
Style: New Orleans Bounce
Style Demo by Riquel Olander from We Are Heroes
"I'm The Ish" by DJ Class featuring Lil Jon   
Style: Baltimore House
Style Demo by Porché Anthony from Beat Ya Feet Kings
"Blow The Whistle" by Too Short   
Style: Turfin'   
Style Demo by Mitch Sanedrin from Supreme Soul

Okay, I'm not gonna lie. I've  been trying for two days to judge this thing fairly and I just can't tell the difference in the styles presented.  I am going back to my old Season One and Season Two format of what I liked and what I didn't like.

Did America get it right?  While I think Blueprint Cru earned their pass to the finals, I find it hard to believe they suddenly won enough of the vote to advance like that.

Bluprint Cru
What I liked- I loved the effort they put into this.  The partner section was creative and ingenious as well. 
What I did not like- This suffered from the classic 'white boy' syndrome.  They tried their best but it looked silly and I know that was not what they were going for.

What I liked- This was a well thought out routine.  The formations were nice and added to the routine The humor actually fit in for once.

What I did not like- It was sloppy throughout the whole thing, plus Jet got lost.  That should not happen at this stage of the game.

Hype 5-0
What I liked- Holy crap, that was good!  They brought energy and passion to all three dances and they made it seem like it was their natural style.  The shout-outs to Blueprint Cru and Poreotix were nice touches and appropriate for that leg of the show. 
What I did not like- I honestly liked the whole thing.

Did the judges get it right?  Nope.  I am sorry but Hype 5-0 clearly out-danced Poreotix and did it without anyone getting lost.  That mistake cost Static Noyze and Strikers All-stars, so why should Poreotix be the only exception?  After the judges critiques,  it seemed like the Shh!/Sass x 7 debacle from Season Two.  Where the crew the judges liked did not get saved.  Seriously -- this is a fail on MTV's part.
Tonight's Rankings
1. Hype 5-0
2. Poreotix
3. Blueprint Cru

Power rankings (based on placement average)
1. Hype 5-0 (7)
2. Blueprint Crew (6.8)
3. Jungle Boogie (6)
4. Poreotix (5.9)
5. Static Noyze (5.7)
6. Saltare (5.4)
7. Heavy Impact (3.7)
8. Royal Flush (3.5)
9. Swagger Crew (1)
Part two- Last Chance Challenge

Blueprint Cru dancing to an original piece "Come To Life" 
What I thought- While it was a good performance, we have seen it before.  There was no real wow moment to it and it felt lifeless. 
Thoughts on this crew as a whole- One of the best crews to ever grace the ABDC stage.  They had everything a crew needed to do well and they did it wonderfully.  I am glad you were my crew this season.

Poreotix dancing to an original piece "Tetreotix" 

What I thought- See what I said about Blueprint. Then add in 'boring'.
Thoughts on this crew as a whole- I still don't like this crew.  Other than their humor, they had no real personality and no real spark to them.  I have no idea why these guys are so popular.

Okay --for all you wondering where all the magic went to tonight and what happened to these Last Chance Challenges and why they both were meh, here is Hype's Last Chance Challenge
routine.  I really think they would have had a chance if they had been given the chance to perform this.

Thoughts on the episode as a whole- WORST TOP THREE EPISODE EVER!!!  Say what you will about Season Four, but at least those three crews brought some passion to the stage that night.  Besides Hype 5-0, the performances just fell flat.  Originally when I watched the season last year, I could not wait for Hype 5-0 to leave. Now,  looking back they were screwed out the prize worse then Fanny Pak was in Season Two.

Out of the two who should win- Honestly when I first saw this I did not care.  I still don't.  Neither deserved it after that horrible showing but I know Blueprint Cru could not compete against the army of fantards that Poreotix had.
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