Saturday, March 12, 2011

Teldon's Rewatch Review: Season 5 Episode 9 - Illusion Challenge

Challenge guideline for this week: How well do they do the trick, how did they put it in their routine and does the trick take away from the routine.

Group Routine:
Blueprint Cru, Hype 5-0, Jungle Boogie, Poreotix and special guest dancer Lil Mama dancing to "Take It Off" by Kesha

What I thought-ZOMG BEST GROUP ROUTINE EVER!!  Every crew got an equal amount of face time and they all blended their styles together perfectly.  I can't say anything bad about this one.


Hype 5-0 dancing to "Morning After Dark" by Timbaland featuring Nelly Furtado & SoShy     
Challenge: Make an object come to life.
Was it clean/Was it Difficult? Okay guys, I just don't know what that was.  For the most part, moves were done passably but they were not together. There was no real energy or power to these moves.  It just felt safe and worst of all boring. 3 pts
Was it well thought out/How well did they handle the theme? This routine was a hot mess, plain and simple.  Nothing about it made any sense whatsoever.  Like Poreotix last week, it just seemed liked there were two different performances going on the whole time and neither was talking to the other. 3 pts
How well did they do the challenge? All in all they did okay here.  They did highlight the prop and the trick but kept the focus on the dancing.  Still, the trick was rather boring and didn't add anything in. 5 pts
Total points- 11 pts

Poreotix dancing to "Right Hand Hi" by Kid Sister     
Challenge: Move an object with their minds.
Was it clean/Was it Difficult? Very clean and together this week.  I did not find any missed moves.  Really strong moves this week and everyone was on point. They danced liked they knew this performance would make or break them. 8 pts
Was it well thought out/How well did they handle the theme? Another great job here.  They took thier time setting everything up and it flowed nicely into their transition and formations. 10 pts
How well did they do the challenge? I remember hating this the first time I saw it.  I like the fact that they played with the cube a bit more and brought it into their routine as a prop.  It was the levitating part that turned me off.  It didn't feel as strong as the other parts of the routine except for the ending. 8 pts
What were the highlights? great prop work and formations.
Total points- 26 pts

Did America get it right:  /head desk need I say more...

Blueprint Cru dancing to "Funhouse" by Pink     
Challenge: Become lighter than air.
Was it clean/Was it Difficult? Amazingly clean.  Throughout the entire performance you could see the controlled power in each of their moves. Formations were good and the framing was great.  10 pts
Was it well thought out/How well did they handle the theme? Props for doing a story to this number and fitting the challenge into it.  The only thing that took away for me was that  the opening took too long to get things going.  Otherwise it was great. 9 pts
How well did they do the challenge? The challenge move was done well and the build-up to it was done in a clever way.  Only problem: when the big reveal happened, it was kinda blah.  It picked back up once the reveal was over and they moved on. 8 pts
What were the highlights? bringing the dreamer from the audience to the stage.
What, if anything, took away from the performance? the reveal
Total points- 28 pts

Jungle Boogie dancing to "Da Da Da" by Lil Wayne     
Challenge: Pass their bodies through a solid surface.
Was it clean/Was it Difficult? They were mostly on point for this one.  I really noticed timing and sync errors when the whole crew was finally together in the 3 on 3 mirroring section. 8 pts
Was it well thought out/How well did they handle the theme? They really stood out here and used their prop to the full effect.  The first crew to do a mirror effect since Strikers All-stars in Season Three. 10 pts
How well did they do the challenge? All in all they did really well here, but took just a bit too long setting up the trick.  Plus, the punch through has been done to death. 9 pts
What were the highlights? The first 15 seconds.
Total points- 27 pts

Did the judges get it right? This is just like the Rhythm City and Massive Monkees bottom two last season where whoever wins the fans lose.  Both were the best performances of the night and they were the crews' best performances of the season.

Thoughts on the eliminated crew- Like most viewers, I thought it was a mistake choosing them for ABDC at first,  but  by Week One they won me and everyone else over.  They put their hearts into each performance and kept getting better.  I still have no idea how they landed in the bottom and they really should have been final two.
Tonights Rankings (based on tonight's score)
1. Blueprint Cru 28 pts
2. Jungle Boogie 27 pts
3. Poreotix 26 pts
4. Hype 5-0 11 pts

Power rankings (based on placement average)
1. Blueprint Cru (6.8)
2. Hype 5-0 (6.7)
3. Jungle Boogie (6.3)
4. Static Noyze (6) 
5. Poreotix (5.5)
5. Saltare (5.5)
7. Royal Flush (3.8)
8. Heavy Impact (3.7)
9. Swagger Crew (1)

Thoughts on the episode as a whole- With the exception of Hype 5-0, a really good episode.  I think most of us were still soured over Season Three's lackluster Magic Week, sot we automatically just hate this one on principle.  Honestly, the other three crews managed to deliver better routines then all of Season Three did.

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