Wednesday, April 4, 2012

'Dance': ABDC Season 7 preview and predictions

Here are Dance's previews and predictions for America's Best Dance Crew Season 7:

 Irratik Crew: They are an all female group comprised of graceful and powerful dancers with great stage presence. I watched interviews with them on Youtube and they are hardworking and intelligent females that love what they do. They are comprised of members that are well rounded in jazz, funk, and hip hop choreography. They have members that have danced in music videos and have appeared on So You Think You Can Dance Canada. They are from Montreal and are directed by Steve Bolton and Blueprint Cru from ABDC5. They won silver at the 2007 World Hip Hop Championship and tied for Gold with Request Crew at the 2009 World Hip Hop Championship. They are very precise, which is a great thing, but they should not be afraid to think outside the box and live in the moment when they are on the stage. I hope when they get on the stage they will show their personalities in order to compete with the other crews. I also hope that they will come up with creative choreo for the show, where standing out is going to be a must to move on. Good luck girls!
Mos Wanted Crew: A force to be reckoned with! They are comprised of many of the best choreographers and dancers in the US and can execute moves not many people can do. It's easy to show someone a move and do it, but how you do the move is what sets apart the members of Mos Wanted Crew from other dancers. Their years of experience and constantly executing their craft through teaching each day is what makes someone a great dancer. In order to improve as a dancer, you have to dance and go to class on a daily basis and this is what they do day in and out. Personally, I think Lando Wilkins and Bam Martin are a hundred times better than they were in 2009 and they were amazing dancers to begin with in 2009. That's how good they are now. Mos Wanted Crew represents dedication to a craft that they love. Dance is their lives and I can't wait to see what they come up with on the stage. I hope that they take the time to really focus each week in order to come up with the best choreo they can for the world to see. They are inspiring and I can't wait to see what they come up with on the stage! Good Luck Mos Wanted Crew!
8 Flavahz: I personally love this crew. They are so dope to me! They have so much soul and flavor and that's something that no one can teach you. Their movements are big and full of life and they all have so much personality on stage. Just keep on doing what your doing and have fun on stage and you will all do well in the competition. Don't worry about what everyone else is doing and try and do movements that are innovative and always show your personality. Most importantly bring your soul and flavor onto the stage each week. 8 Flavahz are hood and they are coming after you Mos Wanted Crew! haha
Rated Next Generation (RNG): They are a seasoned Hip Hop Choreo Crew that has appeared on America's Got Talent and The Rachel Ray Show. They are well trained, hard hitting, and they dance with a great deal of heart and soul. I hope they bring their best each week and it will be fun to see what they come up with this season on ABDC. It's going to be a tough season. Good luck RNG!
Collizion Crew: I watched their videos on youtube and they have 2 members that are world class poppers! They are crazy good! Non-stop and Joker are the 2 poppers that do crazy movements similar to the group Remote Kontrol. The name of the video on Youtube that I watched was Non-stop and The Joker Southeast Championship Finals! That was a great video.  UPDATE: Dance is not sure that Non-stop will appear on ABDC, though he is a member of Collizion Crew

No one can teach you how to do the things that they did in the video. That is all their soul and how they naturally move after years of hard work and dedication to dancing. I also watched their choreography to the song I Like by Jeremih and they did a dope job with the choreo - click here to watch. 

They are a very soulful crew filled with that Southern ATL Flavor. Hopefully they will utilize all of their members well and remain focus throughout the competition. They have a lot of hard work ahead of them because the competition is going to be tough! If they work hard each week and try to do innovative choreography that no one else is doing and remain focus then they can achieve great things. I'm really hoping that they will do well in the competition. I love surprise crews. I didn't know what to expect from them when I looked them up on Youtube and when I saw Non-stop and The Joker in competitions, I was blown away. I love finding new dancers that I never knew about before and I am definitely a fan. Good luck on the show!
Fanny Pak: Talented! One thing that sets them apart is their creativity. I remember their choreo to Mariah Carey's Touch My Body and I would have never thought in a million years to come up with the concept they did in that performance. That performance really brought them to the forefront. I know they will do very well this season and I can't wait to see what they come up with! Will they win and give everyone a run for their money? We have to wait and see!
Elektrolytes: Now we come to a crew that has well trained breakers in it. After watching their videos I saw that they also have soul in them, so they can also do the hard hitting choreo that Mos Wanted Crew can do. Elektrolytes are no strangers to the stage and have won the USA Hip Hop Championships in 2011 at Hip Hop International. They are an all styles crew, so it will be great to see what they can come up with this season. They have to make sure that they keep their choreo creative and bring in their acrobatic tricks in at the right time to make an impact. They need to showcase their diverse dancers to try and stand out from everyone else. Good Luck Elektrolytes!
Mix'd Elements: They have competed at Hip Hop International and are an all styles crew with many well trained breakers on the team, which can add a lot of dimension to their choreography. They look great on stage and are going to make this season very tough. They can do a lot of great bboy footwork, freezes, and powermoves. They are also comedic and remind me of Quest Crew. They are competing with a lot of crews that are coming with extreme soul and flavor such as Mos Wanted Crew, Collizion Crew, and 8 Flavahz, so they have a lot to live up to. Good luck Mix'd Elements and bring your all on the stage!
Step Boys: They also have 1 female member, so they have to give recognition to her in their name! They are a comedic Hip Hop Choreo group that are well trained in all styles. They are a tight knit group and they love what they do. It's going to take a lot to win the competition, so we will see what they got when they get on the stage. Good Luck Step Boys!
Funkdation: A clean choreo group with Latin flavor hailing from Mexico. They can do acrobatic tricks and remind me of 787 Crew. They have to find a way to stand out this season because the competition is going to be tough. Good luck Funkdation and bring your Latin flavor to the stage!
My top 6 Crews that I'm hoping will stand out and do well on the show are:
1) Irratik Crew because they are powerful and all female. I want to see them get hood like Mos Wanted! That will bring in the votes.
2) Mos Wanted Crew of course. Can't wait to see them on stage!
3) 8 Flavahz! Go beat up everyone that is taller than you and own that stage!
4) Collizion Crew: If they stay focus and clean and utilize their members and bring their souls on the stage each week they will surprise everyone and do very well! 
5) Fanny Pak: They now have Natalie Gilmore who is a great dancer! They are creative and are always doing choreo that no one else thinks of, so they are definitely going to bring their all this season.
6) RNG: They know how to perform on stage and they will do very well in the competition. 

 Good Luck to all of the crews and I can't wait until Wednesday April 11 when ABDC premieres! 
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