Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Freeze's WOD LA Writeup

The show opened up with JD McElroy(LXD) and Charles Nguyen(Poreotics) hosting the Youth Division. Once again these kids keep surprising me more and more each year. I never ceases to amaze me how much the younger generation has dedicated themselves to the lifestyle of dance and their performances proved it.  Culture Shock showcased all 3 of their youth crews once again with Mini, Mighty, and Future Shock which the crowd just gobbled up the tiny kids. My favorite performances were definitely from crews who’ve been there before which were Emanon, Miniotics, and 3-23 Area Kidz and apparently the judges agreed giving 3-23 and Emanon 1st and 2nd place respectively (Miniotics was in exhibition not competition). The funniest thing I saw was when Miniotics performed; they are literally a mini version of Poreotics with one of the oldest kids in the group looking EXACTLY like Dumbo. It even fooled me for a good portion of their performance.  After words intermission commenced and the Meet and Greet was online.

Freeze and Chad (Poreotics)
For the second time in a row I was lucky enough to win the Verizon Text to Win and got to be the first in line for the meet and greet, which I am extremely grateful for because by the time I finished the line had wrapped around itself a good 4 times already. This was definitely a star studded Meet and Greet. In order we had Chi Towns Finest Breakers, Cori B(Snoop Doggs daughter), Bones and DJ Aaron, Kathryn McCormick(Step Up 4), Shaun Evaristo, JD McElroy, Anthony Lee, Mike Song, Les Twins, 747 and Chachi, and Poreotics.  Due to the amount of people at WoD this time around the line was kept at an extremely fast pace, there was no chances for pictures and it was hard to get a word in other than saying hi. Luckily I was able to have a little bit of conversation with JD McElroy who was joking about how tired he was and how he was gonna fall in love with his bed when he got home and Law from Poreotics who realized one of his closest friends was my cousin and gave me support to audition for PacModern(Which he is an Alumni of) when I transfer to Cal State Long Beach. And while Chachi wasn’t able to do much she still signed my Mos Wanted Crew medallion and made sure I supported MWC. To those here who’ve never been up close and personal with celebrity dancers the one thing I learned from the Meet and Greets I’ve been too is that it really shows the lighter side of many of them. Like JD may are tired but they are there for the fans. When you get the chance to talk to them it’s just like talking to any one of your friends and many are just happy to see their fans come out and support them.

Freeze and Law (Poreotics)

Freeze's Mos Wanted Crew, signed by Chachi (I.aM.mE)

Immediately following the meet and greet I had a few minutes before the Upper Division began to take a look at the other areas of WoD. While on the way back to grab our seats I bumped into Youtube singer Aj Rafael, Will Soares who you should remember from Season 5 Hype 5-0, and one of my Youtube Crushes Arika Sato who a few of you might recognize from JustKiddingFilms or TimothyDeLaGhetto’s videos. Enough about my experiences though, back to the actual competition. 
Freeze with Will (Hype 5-0)

Freeze with AJ Rafael

Freeze with Arika Sato

Upper Division definitely came out swinging.  Barkada Modern, Academy of Swag, 909, and Team Millenia really got the crowd hyped up and the energy carried all the way through the night and just like any good show they built off that and saved the best for last. Sexy Boys Special once again won best costume and had another hilarious routine this time themed around Christmas. I don’t know why but these guys really enjoy dancing in their boxers haha. GRV, whom many of you might know two of their members Jawn Ha and Bam Martin, just wrecked the show. Their performance went hard, it was clean, and there was no down time whatsoever. It was massive energy from beginning to end and the crowd definitely went along with it. Thank goodness Academy of Villains(Who was there to defend Academy of Hypes WoD LA 2011 title) was up next because they continued that energy throughout the entirety of their performance. Before the Awards were given out the Industry Performances started. This was definitely the biggest list of industry performers I’ve seen at WoD. Chi Town’s Finest Breakers, Daniel “Cloud” Campos, Kathryn McCormick, Shaun Evaristo w/ Movement Lifestyle, David Moore, Bones and DJ Aaron, Chachi, Poreotics, and my personal favorite Les Twins. Each performance was amazing and would take too long to explain so if you get the chance check out the videos on Youtube because you won’t be disappointed. The only group I had a little gripe about was Chi Town’s Finest because it was the same routine they performed at WoD SD last October but I won’t hold it against them because they still brought it hard. At the end of the day GRV won 1st place with Academy of Villains taking 2nd and Beta 010 taking 3rd. Even though AoV wasn’t able to reclaim Academy of Hypes title it was extremely close with GRV with the point difference being a mere .63 percent and honestly it could have gone either way. 

We’re only 4 months into 2012 and WoD LA already gets the award for the Best Day of 2012 for me and it doesn’t look like much can top it. To anyone who has never been to World of Dance, or well anyone in general, if the tour stops by a place near you definitely go and check it out because you will not regret it.  Hopefully I get to see a few of you guy at World of Dance San Diego when it comes back in October. 
P.S Stick around after the competition is done because many dancers like Jet Li and Chad from Poreotics stay after and it’s the perfect opportunity to get to know a few of them better.

Freeze and friends with Jet-Li (Poreotics)
Thanks Freeze! Looking forward to future World of Dance coverage from you!