Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dance's Review of ABDC's Flo Rida Challenge

Here is my review of the crews in no particular order:

Elektrolytes: Their choreo was really nice with great extensions and their movements filled the entire stage. They had great energy. One part that I loved was at the end when Flo Rida said shut it down and the guy hit his freeze and then spiraled his legs and then hit the freeze again. It happened quickly, but ended the performance really well. I loved the pinball machine effect with the headslide that ended in a butterfly twist. Their creativity stands out and two things they have against Mos Wanted Crew is bboying and locking. They are a crew to look out for and I can't wait to see what they come up with for next week's episode.

RNG: Good energy and really nice choreo. They should make their choreo more dynamic and fill the stage more. What they do is great and they should expand upon their choreo for next week's episode and do something unexpected.

Collizion Crew: They were really dope! I did not know what to expect from them when they first came out, but they pleasantly surprised me. The limbo slide with the guy going under and the guy jumping over with a split midair was the highlight of their performance. It was a creative take on the under/over jump that Quest Crew and Rhythm City have done and I liked their take on it. Their grooving and popping sections were both dope and I can't wait to see more from them. They didn't need the gags because their dancing speaks for itself, so I thought it detracted from their performance. They definitely did their thing and made this episode of ABDC one to remember!

Funkdation: Definitely another surprise crew of the night. The beginning was simple, but extremely creative. I would have never thought to choreograph their legs moving to the piano keys and that's why it was a great ABDC moment. I like how the beginning of the performance tied in with the end because it shows that they are thinking. I saw that they do a little bit of Rocking, which is a battle dance. Not too many people do Rocking, but there are bboys that do their Rocking burns in order to battle their opponent. Rocking is a nice art form and it would be nice if they could introduce it to the ABDC stage. If not them, maybe a Rocking Crew could come on the show in the future. I really like them and if they perform like how they did in the battle, they will go very far in the competition.

Mos Wanted Crew: I'm so happy they are on the show. I loved how they would go from a regular 8 count of choreo, then sped it up, then slowed it down. All of their movements are done with great precision. It's the little things that they do that makes their dancing so great. One thing that stood out for me was when they touched their left leg and fell on their backs and then simultaneously kicked their entire right leg into the air with no hesitation. They made it look simple, but it's not so easy to do. They did a slight grooving section with their hips for like 5 seconds to the lyrics and that was so dope to me. Their dancing is all in the details. I love this crew and I can't wait to see what they come up with next week!

Ending Battle: Amazing! That was a great battle to watch. Both crews came to fight with Mix'd Elements throwing the initial capoeira flip into a kick. Funkdation definitely battled back and brought out their bboy side. One guy did an nice turn on his back and then went into a freeze and then bounced on his head. If Funkdation brings that energy every week, then they will do really well in the competition. I wish both crews could have stayed because there are crews on the show that aren't as good as both of them. Mix'd Elements did a great job and they should be proud. I expect to hear great things from Mix'd Elements Crew.
Recap of Last Week's Episode: I didn't have time to type up a review for last week, so here are my thoughts. I loved 8 Flavahz! They were dope and I liked the freeze that the little girl did. Their movements are big and bold and they have lots of energy. Keep competing 8 Flavahz! I liked Mix'd Elements. They did a lot of nice footwork, power moves, and freezes. I also liked Fanny Pak. They are creative and they have a lot of competition this season. Overall, I can't wait until next week's episode of ABDC!    

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