Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yoo's Non-Spoiler report from the ABDC Madonna taping

Here are Yoo's impressions of the crews at the America's Best Dance Crew Madonna taping. To maintain secrecy about results, they are presented in alphabetical order, not performance order.

8 Flavahz -  They got "Vogue". WERK! man, these girls came out in business suits, dressing like women and they they really set it off tonight. The girl that played Madonna did a fantastic job! We get vogue, waacking,flips, pirouette and more. 

 Collizion Crew -  They got "Don't Tell Me". Cowboys hats and blue bulls jackets. It was kind of strange that this dirty south crew got this country-like Madonna song. They pulled it off though with some more of their southern style mixing in with a country twist. We get some more stunts and visuals as well a little tapping bit. I like the energy in this group. You can tell that they love being able to dance with each other on that stage.

Electrolytes -  You know i forgot what song they had and i couldn't find on Youtube. Sorry guys.

They came out which i thought were the costumes of Funkdation last week. bright green. What we get here are some tricks,flips, krumping. The krumping bit of their performance was very neat. Seemed like they set off each person to have thier own solo krump.

Fanny Pak - The Pak got "Girl Gone Wild" They all come out stilettos and i mean everyone! Their choreography was just insane throughout the entire piece. One of the members went on tour with Madonna, so they knew what needed to happen. We get some waacking, femme choreography, Mirror set ups. 

Funkdation - They got "Give me all your luvin". I really like this crew because the styles they do are primarily the origins of Hip Hop Dance. Girls came out in Cheer suits and guys were jocks They incorporated cheerleading moves in their performance. We get this cheer lift with cradle, an insane flip!, steam out of ears? haha, foundation hip hop.
Irratik - They got "Express Yourself". They came out in purple spandex and sports bras.  What we get here are Intricate choreography, high energy, and chains. yes chains. They really did  a good job doing Madonna giving that rough, don't give a crap what you say attitude!   

Mos Wanted Crew - They got "4 Minutes". This piece wasn't just their intricate choreography. It was also the musicality, blocking, transitions, and levels. A section where Puspos moves from little groups of the crew and set them off was dope! These guys are studio choreographers that have been on teams. Most teams don't do tricks or stunts. It's more about the cleanliness, choreography, blocking, and transitions. Which is why i get kind of frustrated by the camera angles of this show. People at home, who don't watch other dance comps with teams, don't see this kind of material and when the cameras are switches like crazy you miss the "details within the details" Even for me sitting in the audience, sitting to side was kind of hard. I mean this applies to all the crews. These dances are made to be seen from the front where the judges see them, so why can't we? 

RNG - They got "Human Nature". In the video it was Madonna being seduced by a group of men. it's Bailey getting seduced by the girls. They come out with some precise choreography, Thrashing. they listened to JC's comment last week by finding another dimension and using it. They used a prop this time
Stepboys - They got "Ray of Light" They come out in onezies pajamas and colorful spin top hats. You got to admit these guys are really funny. they really know how to suck up the atmosphere with their humor. We get housing, bboy foundation, choreography, Jumping fish LOL. nose picking tutting. They are very creative mixing humor with their dancing. 
Judges Comments:  

-"You know, i was trying to think what it would be like if you weren't on the show...  
...i couldn't! You guys need to be on here, it's like you were meant to be here!"  
-" You came out here, i was thinking okay we some ****** but then we got this different side of you!"  
-"You know what's missing? Oil."   
-"I'm a guy, but you guys are fineee"  
-"You know what's never been done on this show, dancing naked.."  
Next week - Drake 

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