Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ninjaboi's LMFAO Episode Review

Mos Wanted Crew
Choreo - 8 - At least for the first half of the routine, there was still the higher level choreography that MWC is known for. It had a playful vibe in it which really fit the song, while still showing off their superior muscle control. The musicality was also on point. With the refrain "Look at that body," they accented on each word. As expected with this song, a lot of hip thrusts.
Wow - 8 - A couple of quick moments that you may have missed - Rickey killing it with the footwork, and JP with the twerking. Lando's flip was barely completed, but he pulled it off, especially given his very visible knee brace, especially to follow it up with pushups. Add Rickey and Jawn's flips, and you have enough justification that they're not just a chore crew.
Showmanship - 8 - There were actually a lot of formation variations here. As well as dope transitions. THe energy level was all right. And this may have been easier since they had this particular challenge, but they played the crowd. They also used humoring the routine (whether you thought it was funny or not is debatable. I for one really liked JP's face).  It may  have been pandering, but for this song, you can't really do anything but pander.
Challenge - 7 - They cat walked. They exaggerated their legs. There was wiggling throughout the routine. Woo
Improvement - 7 - Not much better than past routines, but no major errors, and decent choreography means they didn't get worse. 
Total - 38 -1 bias= 37

Choreo - 8 - So I saw some popping, and some shuffling, With actually pretty decent foundation. Some up rock for like a second. As far as new style choreography, not as much, but its a lot better than what they used to have. 
Wow - 9 - Dat opening head slide… Also the wrestling shoulder -> roll was pretty dope. I also saw a hat spin? They didn't go overboard on the stunts, and when they did, they have impact. Biggest one of course is their human cork (the slow mo was a bit overkill, but nonetheless, it was my favorite part of the routine (maybe it's cuz that's my favorite part of the song). Overall though, they're getting better  at not taking a long time to set it up. 
Showmanship - 8 - The strongest part of this routine by far. Small presentation things like the staggered circle opening formation, Pretty good transitions, The 3 person slide out of the way was good. The set up of the cork was also great. The presentation of the hat spin -> staggered drop -> strobing shuffle was great. 
Challenge - 6 - Techincally they didn't actually create any recognizable giant robot… I saw them stacking for sure, but it didn't look like a robot to me. Regardless, they did do the robot throughout the routine, and incorporated robotic movements, so I'll give em a 6, but if you're making a giant illusion, you gotta actually make it look like what you want it to. Better than a certain firetruck, but nowhere as good as I.aM.mE's or Boogie Bot's. 
Improvement - 8 - The choreography, the foundation, the presentation value, and the set up for stunts have all gotten much better. 
Total - 40

Choreo - 8 - A bit sloppier than they usually are (in terms of their lines), but not bad by any means. In fact they probably had the most "dancing" of any crew this episode, with 4 seconds to one over/under, and about 15 seconds for their challenge (which was choreo pretty much). The rest was 100% choreography. Respect. 
Wow - 7 - As I said, the only noticeable moments were the over/under, and the ending had a somewhat sloppy leap over someone. (not counting moments from their challenge). The funky guitar was pretty cool as a groove thing.
Showmanship - 8 - They had really good formations and transitions between, particularly right before that diagonal line (which itself you don't really see on this show - usually it's a vertical or horizontal line). There was some level use, and they could have filled the stage a bit better, but overall, well done.
Challenge - 7 - They did the choreo. THey could have added something, but then I think they would have had the judges on them for not technically completing the challenge. Maybe adding something to the end in the same vein. 
Improvement - 7 - Again, as with MWC, not better than what they've done, but nowhere near the worst. 
Total - 37 -.5 bias = 36.5

Choreo - 5 - Aside from the shuffling moves, give me any consecutive 3 seconds in their routine where they do choreography with decent foundation. That bboy stuff does not count, simply because the foundation level was just completely lacking. Footwork? Not only was it offbeat (which it's supposed to highlight), but the most basic of basic moves was done incorrectly. Not "tight" in the slightest. Toprock was stiff and rigid, instead of "rocking out" to the beat. Don't get me started on those flares. Form on the shuffles (bboy footwork move) was sloppy. Now, if anyone is trying to apologize for them by saying that they "tried to do something new," I say this: I can try to do surgery. But if I fail at it, it doesn't get any better. If you cannot complete the dance style you're trying to do, do not do it. Unless it was their challenge, they have no excuses if they chose to do something and did not execute well. 
Wow - 6 - Their routines have more or less descended into a series of stuns one after another. The B-twist was nice. But the ripple slap was pretty much, as Shane Sparks said it "so Youtube."  The Hok-locking leg was poorly executed. The Monkey rolls weren't executed well. My biggest pet peeve is how much of a pass they're getting for "emulating the Quest Flip." They are not completing the Quest Flip in any way shape or form. It only looks like that from a straight on angle. From the side, you would see that the three girls begin flipped over are behind the one flipping. The landing was sloppy and short, and if they had been flipping actually over people, they would have crashed hard.  Horrid execution. Especially that baby freeze *shudders*
Showmanship - 6 - Granted they played the crowd, but all the other performance factors (energy, levels, transitions, etc) were just sloppy. 
Challenge - 6 +.5 First challenge: Shuffle Moves - They did these fine. 7. Second challenge: Blow up with all the crew members. FOr this past week I had no idea what they did for this. The fail push flip only had half the members. Then I realized the *kicking section* right before the fail freeze was supposed to be it. Totally not explosive blow up at all. 5. Average = 6
Improvement - 6 - It's like a totally different crew performs during the group routines. Where is the raw choreography we've seen them do before? Where is the pacing? So disappoint
Total - 23 +.5 second challege +1 bias = 24.5

Raw Scores
40 - ELEK
38 - MWC
37 - RNG
29 - 8F
Modified Scores
40 - ELEK
37 - MWC
36.5 - RNG
30.5 - 8F
Cumulative Scores
263 +/- 3 - RNG
261 +/- 8 - MWC
245 +/- 3 - ELEK
238.5 +/- 3 - 8F