Monday, August 24, 2009

Zatzz's recap: ABDC Week 3 - The Martial Arts Challenge

Bluntly put, my opinion hasn't changed at all from last week. I like 4 crews, but still think they can't compare to the amazing crews of the 3 others seasons, and I really dislike 2 crews. The only crew I didn't adore but didn't hate either - Southern Movement -- got the boot tonight. And so, we have 6 crews left, all still needing to prove A LOT.

This week, the crews received the visit of ABDC Champion Steve Terada, who helped them handle different Martial Arts. Because this week, each crew was given a song, a martial arts style, and a move from that martial art that they would have to include in their routine.

The night started off with a performance by the first safe crew: Afroborike. Obviously, because suddenly, everyone started liking them after their Week 2 performance. Their performance was all right. I think I actually liked it a little better than all their previous performances. And, SURPRISE SURPRISE! All six of them were wearing shirts AND pants! WOW! Shane said the most brutally honest comment ever. And it made me laugh. A LOT. something along the lines of ..."No energy, bad choreo, terrible dancing". It was great.

Also, GUESS WHO'S BACK!? The sob stories! Boohoo, one of the girls sprained her ankle. Aaaaw! How come at least 4 dancers from previous seasons had ankle injuries and they NEVER talked about it on the show?

Then it was We Are Heroes' turn, who performed early yet again, which means they are probably in the top crews right now, vote-wise. Their performances was good, the kimonos looked beautiful. During some parts I was EXTREMELY bored, but the lock and wack part near the end was great!

Next up was Vogue Evolution, who seems to be causing quite a commotion all over the Internet world: Their performance from last week has reached over 100,000 views on Youtube (while others have 30-40,000 views) and is even a featured video! Anyways that may not happen this week, because their performance was just alright.... Personally, I thought it was entertaining, VE are always fun to watch, but in an objective point of view, it just wasn't good enough. Very chaotic, and sloppy in some places. JC's loss for words really amused me though.

The next safe crew of the week was Massive Monkees, another early favorite of mine. This week, they were wearing silver suits that, sadly remind me of what the Boogie Bots like to wear...Now, MM, being a bboy crew, hence being very athletic, should've KILLED this challenge. Sadly, they did not. Yes, I liked it, some parts were really dope, and it was all really entertaining. Brysen's part at the end will all of the flips was just crazy. Overall, I'll repeat the same thing I said last week: I love this crew, but they still have a lot to live up to.

The last safe crew of the night is Beat Ya Feet Kings. Surprising? More or less. I really do not appreciate them, but I know another BB is gonna be pulled for them this season because DC crews always seem to have a lot of votes. Anyways, their performance tonight was more or less enjoyable. I never have much to say about them, other than if they aren't gone next week, some people are insane and/or blind for letting them on the show for so long.

Now this leaves us with our bottom two: Southern Movement against Rhythm City. Both performances were quite enjoyable, and like most say, possibly the best two of the night. Rhythm City really brought it back this week. I do not disagree with the fact that they were in the bottom 2, because I did not enjoy their Sweet Dreams performance. And if that's what it took to wake them up and make sure they go hard each week, then all is good. They just went up on that stage and danced, and I really enjoyed the performance. But I still think that it was nothing compared to everything JBWKZ, KM, SS, SC3, FP, BF, and Q have done.

To close the show, Southern Movement performed to one of the songs I hate the most in the world, Ugly. Other than having a bad song choice, SM was quite good this week. I personally never liked them, but never hated them either. All I can say is that I'm very happy they leave with smiles on their faces and left with a good vibe, since their performance was quite good.

Next week, it's the Bollywood Challenge! We'll see how the 6 remaining crews can add a Bollywood twist to modern day music and dance. I expect Vogue Evolution to do well next week. As for the others, I am not sure. I also wish that Massive Monkees would rip this challenge, just like their fellow BBoy crew, Super Cr3w, who were amazing for the Around the World Challenge. I wish all the crews good luck next week, and I am giving them this ONE LAST CHANCE to impress me!

Thank you for reading!

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