Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Zatzz's recap: ABDC Clip Show - Facts and Fancies

Here's the rest of Zatzz' recap of the clip show. Thanks Zatzz!

For those who couldn’t watch the show, here is the ranking (This is not a joke.)

10-Super Cr3w:: Get Up Offa That Thang (Ninja)

09-Fanny Pak:: Get Ur Freak On

08-Break Sk8:: Cupid Shuffle

07-Dynamic Edition:: My Humps

06-Beat Freaks:: Freeze

05-Kaba Modern:: Technologic

04-Strikers All-Stars:: Gimme More

03-Group:: Top 4, Season 1 (Break Sk8, Kaba Modern, Status Quo, JabbaWockeeZ)

02-Quest:: OrQuestra

01-JabbaWockeeZ:: PYT

The show was hosted by Randy Jackson for a change, and JC, Lil Mama, Shane Sparks and Mario Lopez all commented on the chosen crews and performances.I also waited for the whole hour expecting new footage of the 9 selected ABDC4 crews… but no, they only showed the trailer all ABDC fans have seen more than 10 times…

Anyways, back to the main subject of the episode: The top ten performances of all time on ABDC.Now. I’ll admit it right away, my favorite season of all is Season 2. So you can see why I’m extremely enraged by this. Out of TEN performances, only TWO are of season 2, and they’re at the bottom! What’s up with that? Excuse me, how can someone even THINK that Dynamic Edition, Break Sk8 and Strikers All-Stars are better than Fanny Pak and Super Cr3w? And what about Supreme Soul, possibly my favorite crew ever? They’re not even in the top 10! Has everyone already forgot their Live Audition, which set the tone for the whole second season?

And what about SoReal Cru? I’m not a HUGE fan, but I know they have one of the biggest fan base ever, and they did make the top two! I can’t stop there. Where are Fysh n’ Chicks? Fly Khicks? ASIID? I know they could only choose 10 performances, but come ON! Honestly, I liked some of Xtreme Dance Force and Iconic’s performance better than some of the producer’s choices. Seriously.

Now, they decided to include a group performance in the top 10. And if I’m not wrong, that performance wasn’t even choreographed by the crews! Watching it again, I’m still not impressed. Sure, it’s fun to see the Season 1 crews get together, but if they REALLY had to choose a group performance… Where is the West at!? Season 1 (JBWCKZ, KM, FnC) and Season 2 (FP, SC3, SS) coast reunions were just CRAZY. To this day, still my two favorite performances ever on ABDC. And that showed REAL teamwork, versatility, talent, power… everything a good performance should be. Not to mention the collaboration of 6 astonishing crews.

The only result I truly am happy about is JabbaWockeeZ’ PYT. As for Quest, I personally liked their Hip Hop Decathlon and Toxic better, but I still predicted OrQuestra to get second place.

The Strikers took 4th place… Okay. I like them a lot, my third favorite crew of their season, Gimme More was a great performance… but, 4th? Really? Now, if that is considered better than anything Kaba Modern ever did… I dunno what is.

Next up, Kaba Modern with Technologic in 5th place. Okay. What about their Live Audition (Gunshots)? Their Sensual Seduction? Oh well. They did indeed rip it in each and every of their performances, I can’t deny that.

Then, Beat Freaks took 6th place with their Freeze (Magic Ball) performance. I don’t really care. (By the way, wtf was up with the bloopers…?)

Then we have… Dynamic Edition. No joke. In 7th place. Okay, I like DE, I think they were good at what they do and could bring the hip hop flavour… but… EXCUSE ME? They really don’t belong in the top TEN performances.

Next up, Break Sk8 took the 8th spot with their Cupid Shuffle performance. Okay, Break Sk8 aren’t the worst. But did they deserve to be on this? No. Like I said before, so many crews are much more worthy than Break Sk8. And that wasn’t even their best. I personally believe Shannon Anthony threw the producers in his dungeon for a few days and wouldn’t let them out until they included his crew in the top 10. Haha!

Finally, words cannot explain how I feel about Fanny Pak and Super Cr3w taking the last two spots on the top 10. My first reaction was… “Oh okay, it’s Get Up in tenth, so we’ll probably see We Fly High or We Run This higher up! Maybe we’ll also see FP again with Maniac!” But then, no more words of them.

What happened to “The most athletic and the most creative” crews to ever be on ABDC?

Anyways, the frustration has just started!

Don’t forget to tune in on August 9th at 9PM ET&PT on MTV or MuchMusic for fellow Canadians! America’s Best Dance Crew 4 promises to be quite an interesting season.

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