Monday, August 17, 2009

Zatzz's recap: ABDC Beyonce Challenge

Here's the rest of Zatzz' take on America's Best Dance Crew 4 Week 2. It's detailed but a funny and insightful read. And, I know many of you will have comments and rejoinders, so read up! Thanks Zatzz!! This week Beyonce followed in the footsteps of Michale Jackson, Janet Jackson and Britney Spears as the celebrity inspiration for an ABDC challenge. In the end, Artistry in Motion and Afroborike had to face off in the bottom two, but it was Afroborike who outshone the other crew with a display of sex appeal. I for one, and this seems to be the opinion of a lot of ABDC viewers, was extremely underwhelmed by this episode. Some crew I didn't like so much kind of stepped it up for me, while one of my early favorites fell flat. But overall, it was still an enjoyable episode, filled with sexy moves, Beyonce wannabes, and BARE LEGS! (from both men and women).

The show started off good for me: We are Heroes and Rhythm City saved right off the bat. THANK YOU! Two early favorites I'm expecting to see in the finale.
WAH brought the sexy in a hard hitting way, and I really enjoyed their performance. My favorite part: probably the heart trick Hiro, Mami, and Ali did. Lil Mama was standing on her two feet at the end of their performance. Unfortunately, I cannot shake the feeling that the producers want to make them into a sexy female version of the Boogie Bots. Please, NO!

As for RC...what a deception! I think a lot of us were disappointed by this one, especially since we all expected RC to rip the stage once again this week. It was a cleverly thought out routine, with an
MJ tribute thrown in, a lot of creativity, and a story line. Unfortunately, I couldn't stop noticing sloppiness, and they were noticeably out of sync in some parts of their choreo. Shane commented that it was probably the most creative performance he had a while. I am glad he added 'in a while' or I would have jumped at the guy's throat for forgetting about Fanny Pak each and every single performance they had. I hope RC will bring back that dope swagg they had the first week!

Then, more relief when Massive
Monkees were saved, although I was surprised that Beat Ya Feet Kings were in the same boat. MM KILLED those short shorts! Way sexier than any of the girls tonight, okay? Haha! Then again, their challenge was AWFUL and much harder than what all the other crews had to do. For the challenge and song they had to work with, I thought they did a great job. Highlight of the performance (apart from the thighs): definitely Jerome and JD's threading. That was absolutely amazing. When it comes to bboying on this show, we have seen a lot, which is why they have to keep bringing something new each time. I am still waiting to be blown away by MM; they have a lot to live up to.

As for
BYFK, they improved from last week. A LOT. It was nice seeing that other side of Porche. The locking was okay but seeing it in slow-mo showed it was definitely not on point and in sync. For some reason, this performance kept me interested the whole time. I was a little bit impressed. Still I think this crew is heading back to DC next week.

Out of the 4 remaining crews, Southern Movement and Vogue Evolution were safe while Artistry in Motion and
Afroborike had to battle out of the bottom. Southern Movement brought more swag than last week and I enjoyed their performance. Except for the YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAWWW oh GOD! Stop it please. Other than that, I have to associate the performance with an entry on the Remote Control blog that stated that Sherita's jump in the air was superior to Do-Knock's legendary 'Superman jump." I'm sorry but she barely went above the guys' heads and they had to catch her.

Vogue Evolution came next and they were fabulous! My favorite performance of the night.
Leiomy made a perfect Beyonce, and they all had so much energy! It was a great performance. Nothing else to say. And this week, we got to learn more about them through interviews and behind the scenes videos and these girls are so dope!

Then came the Bottom 2 battle. Honestly, I didn't really care who would get the boot. I thought AIM was pretty bland and forgettable, and
Afroborike was just terrible in their audition and on Week 1...Now, it was a serious question of hormones. Right now, I see the MTV message boards filled with people who liked Afroborike's performance. I personally thought that, yes they brought energy and fire. But wow..sometimes sexy is TOO sexy. Not to mention ho-rish. I think they went WAY too overboard this time. Already I thought the girls were dressed too skankily last week. This time the guys were shirtless and some of the moves they did were just obscene. I mean, crotch in the face? WHAT WAS THAT? I'm looking forward to Afroborike getting an actual challenge so they go out of their comfort zone...and I have a feeling they're going to smash their faces straight on the ground when that day comes.

As for AIM, I really did enjoy their performance., though I find them to be bland. Also, Lil Mama said an absolutely absurd comment, claiming that they had the hardest challenge. Okay then, try dancing with Hula Hoops! Anyways, AIM got sent home this week.

So next week,
ABDC alum/champion Steve Terada is coming back to give the remaining crews a hand with the Martial Arts Challenge. I expect Rhythm City , Vogue Evolution, Massive Monkees, and We Are Heroes to do well for this challenge since they are quite athletic crews (and just so happen to be my favorites!)

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