Thursday, August 6, 2009

More views from the ABDC4 Episode 1 Tapings

Roxanne: " It was a LOT of fun. They messed around with the audience a lot more than they did at the tapings last friends and I got hooched up and got the teal "hoe bracelets" lol so they put us in the front row. We were DIRECTLY in front of Quest... They were really hot in real life and totally funny the entire night."

kyky: "I was pleasantly surprised. Certain groups that I thought were kinda gimmicky proved me wrong, and other groups that I thought would KILL fell short...Like all the other seasons, each crew has the 'sob story', yet luckily most of the crews' dancing made up for it. I'm definitely excited for this season...I can't wait to see how it turns out on Sunday! Watching it on TV is always a different experience, and maybe it will even change my opinion on some crews :)"

ME: "Being a dancer for so long and knowing most of the crews that competed or won it was gread to see who was there...All 9 teams did very well except for one...this year is going to be interesting to watch if it goes the right way."

Thanks for all your insights and I you come back with your experiences at future tapings!

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