Sunday, August 30, 2009

Preview from the Pressbox: Chris Trondsen on the Bollywood Challenge

Here's the rest of Chris Trondsen's preview. Thanks Chris!

"But, drama aside, the big story this week was that each crew stepped it up after last week's brutal vocal lashings by usually calm judge Shane Sparks. JC starts off the first judging by explaining that they are harsh sometimes if they feel a crew is not living up to its full potential, so the judges are trying to bring out the crew's best, You will also see two crews who are upset at Shane's judging the week before and say that "his opinion doesn't matter" in the taped video packages played before the crews go onstage.

And, this episode has one final surprise: a surprise at one of the crews that is in the bottom two. After rave reviews from the judges and strong performances each week, everyone in the press box was in shock when they were announced as being in the bottom two. You'll see that each crew stepped up and showed America why they were put on ABDC in the first place. And, there's an emotional goodbye as they show the season's first "take a look back video" showing highlights of the crew's experience on the show. A must see episode!"

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