Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jai's Take on ABDC's Bollywood Challenge

Here's the rest of Jai's recap. Thanks for the detail and using some of the Hip Hop International judging criteria -- it keeps it less heated and discussion-friendly!

Massive Monkees - Bhangra
The opening ripple move where each member sidestepped to a spot and hit a Bollywood-esque pose was smooth. The guys did pretty well with using the entire stage and giving us various levels throughout their routine. I felt that MM was able to infuse their signature b-boy moves with Bhangra very nicely. Once again, Jerome’s levitation move mid-way through the routine clearly demonstrated the crew’s athleticism. I know if I tried that move an EMT would have to levitate me onto a gurney and send me to the nearest hospital! LMAO! The ending moves with Jerome basically being thrown around J.D. and balancing upside-down on J.D.’s shoulder was incredible! This was their best performance thus far!

Vogue Evolution – Rajasthani
As usual, the entertainment value and energy were there with tonight’s performance. I know this past week was tough for VE after hearing about a close friend’s passing; however, I am sure that Alloura Jourdan-Zion was elated to see them do her signature seated forward slide move as a means of paying homage to her legacy in the ballroom scene. Although Leiomy’s front flip off of the “stairs” was a nice athletic move, I still felt she moved too fast to get up after hitting her dip. Otherwise, VE gave great levels and formations and used the stage very well. The diagonal formation with the scarves demonstrated the beauty and elegance associated with the Rajasthani dance style

Rhythm City – Bharata Natyum
I really appreciate this crew for being one of the cleanest, most in synch groups on the show. They give the viewers great levels and formations each week and utilized the stage very well. Although I caught RC’s signature moves, I knew that I definitely saw some “recycled choreo” from week one of the show. However, this crew showed their creativity with this performance by incorporating the Bharata Natyum movements with their own moves, and the results were great. An RC routine would not be an RC routine without some flips and back tucks from Kenny and Denzel...very nice! I also liked the part where a semi-circle formed around Kenny, and he was getting hype for a minute! LOL! The over-under move with Phramez, Alonzo, and Kenny was very reminiscent of Quest Crew, but it was executed well. The ending pose was very pleasing to my eyes!

AfroBorike – Kathak
Damn! AB is a crew that I hate to love, but I have to give them props: they did a good job this week! I loved the opening flip with Veronica; it was very clean and on point. AB gave some nice levels and formations with their routine. They used the stage pretty well, too. Clearly, AB’s guys are strong, athletic, and in control when it comes to lifting and flipping the girls. Their footwork was out of synch at times, but they integrated their signature salsa moves with the Kathak style nicely. AB’s energy level was high during the entire routine as well.

We Are Heroes – Giddha
The ladies came out with much more energy and confidence than last week! WAH were in synch and gave me great formations during their routine. Their choreo played onto the lyrics pretty well in my opinion. Mami’s solo belly dance was sexy, and I’m surprised she was able to work it out, considering that she had a back injury after last week’s performance. Although WAH had a sexy moment with the bras, it was so cold for them go back to being tough! I loved how the ladies merged their signature locking and wacking with the Giddha clapping and stomping moves…very smooth! WAH’s entertainment value was evident from beginning to end especially with the slot machine move which was very clean. Great job ladies!

Beat Ya Feet Kings – Garba
The crew’s energy level was definitely up from last week, considering they had to prove themselves to Shane. I really liked their formations with this performance especially when they did a little stutter sidestep and formed a circle. BYFK also worked some levels into last night’s routine, and their signature footwork was there. I liked the hat trick the crew did near the beginning of the routine. The staggered knee slide from the Garba demonstration was in synch and smooth. The “DOWNLOAD THIS!” T-shirts were hilarious, too!

Now that it’s down to five crews, it will become more difficult to predict the bottom two. At this point in the competition, there will be no more shocking/surprising eliminations. After watching last night’s episode, I think the bottom two crews will be VE and AB with VE going home. As much as I love VE, I have a feeling that the whole “Leiomy is a diva”/Lil’ Mama lecture bulls—t will cause viewers to NOT vote for VE when – in actuality – that “drama” had nothing to do with the performance. But, that’s my opinion, and I’m just one person. Until Sunday…

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