Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zatzz's recap: VMA Challenge

"The show started early and on fire: With a group number where Afroborike, Massive Monkees, Rhythm City & We Are Heroes united force to pay tribute to the late King of Pop in a performance choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha D’Umo. MTV certainly didn’t limit the budget for this one! The feel of it was out of this world. Definitely sent a few shivers down my spine! My favorite part was probably when the AB, WAH & RC girls came together and danced just the 10 of them. To me the performance was amazing until… The judges came out of nowhere in that cage. (Lil Mama seems to like randomly popping up on stages recently.)
Then, it was time to get serious; Mario announced that out of RC & WAH, one was in the bottom and the other would be saved. I have no doubt that WAH were expecting to be in the bottom once again, after having been down there in the past 2 weeks. Hopefully for them, the all-girl crew was saved, while everyone’s favorite crew from the Bronx had to battle for the second time this season.

We Are Heroes had to perform and pay tribute to Madonna’s “Vogue” performance at the VMAs in 1990. Talk about having a lot to live up to! Even so, I think WAH did good. To me, it felt more like watching a fashion show than an actual routine. Still, the vibe was fun and light, and the girls looked beautiful. Best part of the performance, dance-wise, was the group tutting section with the fans. If I’m not wrong, it was similar to what they had done in their audition. On the downside, I think the girls may be trying to hard to be sexy… and it may not be working so much. Did anyone even notice when two of them kissed?

Nuh-huh, you can never recreate that memorable moment from Fanny Pak’s Janet performance! And that they had HEROES spelled out on their panties… okay, sure.
Finally, a personal opinion about WAH getting “Vogue” as their song & challenge: Can we say, STAB IN THE BACK by the producers? It wasn’t even a week ago that Vogue Evolution have been eliminated, and not a single mention was made about them in WAH’s package, the judge’s comment or a shout-out during WAH’s performance. Not cool. Not cool at all.
Next saved crew was Afroborike; not surprising since we know a whole island and community is voting for them. Which means that unfortunately, a bboy crew that is almost considered legend in their domain in the USA, Massive Monkees, had to battle it out in the bottom. Afroborike had to recreate 2001’s “Slave 4 You” performed by Britney Spears on the VMAs.

As I expected, Zoeth was scared of the snake. But we can say the total opposite about Elisabet, who was petting Sir Snake the whole judging time.
ANYWAYS, on to the routine--I was slightly disappointed, because when someone that went to the taping said the guys were hanging from the ceiling, I thought they were gonna be a few feet in the air… But anyways, that was an interesting performance, and I must say I did enjoy this performance quite a bit.

People who have been following my recaps may be surprised to hear that this was actually my second favorite performance of the night! The main reason is that they brought their technical latin dance side to the table, but they were also sexy--WITHOUT being trashy, unlike most other weeks. Hence, they’re probably the crew to have lived up to Britney’s performance the most. Might I also add that this Slave 4 You performance was pretty better than Sassx7’s, who also performed to the same song before getting eliminated? And finally, Miguel’s hair looked horrible. :)
Now that we know who will be the first two crews to be in the Top 3, it was time for Rhythm City and Massive Monkees to battle it out. Surprising to most, and I think most viewers weren’t happy to see the top 2 contenders of ABDC4 having to fight for the last spot in the Top 3.

And so, Massive Monkees went first. The bboys got another tough challenge when they were assigned “Tearin’ Up My Heart” which was performed by no other than JC Chasez and his NSYNC friends in 1999. Now, I might have been the only one, but I was excited when I learned what MM’s song was.
Why? Because I just KNEW they’d use this as an opportunity to go all out and show us charisma, personality and a vibe we hadn’t see on the ABDC stage since Quest Crew last season. The way I interpret it, it was MM’s way to tell the producers that no matter if they try to screw them by giving them weird songs and challenges, they would always overcome them. I hoped everyone noticed that it was Leiomy on the papers they tore at the beginning of their performance--As a shout-out of course, to THEIR BEST FRIENDS FOREVER Vogue Evolution!

And so, the only way I can summarize this performance is by saying that I was smiling ear to ear the whole time and was on the verge of tears, seeing MM push choreography down the throat of all the people saying they can only do flips and stunts… And last word; Words that the Zatzz could never forget to mention…
Next up, Rhythm City had to recreate Chris Brown’s 2007 VMA performance to “Wall to Wall”. It was a good routine, the ‘big movements’ tight choreo part was real good, the ending poses were also dope, but other than that I wasn’t so entertained. Other good point may have been that we saw the guys more than the girls this week. YESSSSSS Haha, I really like the RC guys.

Other than that, many people have been talking about it, and once again, I had some Déjà vu during RC’s performance. Their flips also seem to be too much. Viewers seem to always insult crews saying ‘All they do is flips!!’ But uh, HELLO? RC have been doing more flips than Super Cr3w or Massive Monkees. Seriously.

Personally, I am open to people wanting to change my mind about this performance. Tell me WHY you liked RC’s performance. Tell me. I didn’t see anything outstanding.

Now, I will address the biggest debate of the moment: MM vs RC. Who had the best performance? Did RC deserve to leave? My answer: MM were better. RC may not have deserved to ‘lose’ over WAH & AB, but against what MM have done, yes. Now, people have to get their mind out of the gutter and understand what being in the bottom two means. I think people should realize how much the FEEL of a performance is important. Being in the Bottom 2, it is your last chance; You go all out, it's a BATTLE. You have to do your best, take risks, entertain the audience, go crazy... RC may not understand what that means, since they did nothing of that. They just danced. While MM danced but PERFORMED on top of that. I guess that’s the advantage of being bboys; You know how to battle.

After the storm settled, the Top 3 of ABDC Season 4 was revealed. Next week, we’ll see Afroborike, We Are Heroes and Massive Monkees fight for a spot in the finale. By now, it is anyone’s game. The crews will all have to bring their A-Game next week, or they’re out. Which fans have been the most dedicated voters? Was it the whole latino-american community that will send Afroborike straight to the finals? Or will Seattle and bboy appreciators stand up and keep the Monkees out of the bottom this time? Or will We Are Heroes make the finals and assure that females finally win this show?

You’ll have to watch next week to see, when every crew will perform to the same songs and have to recreate the moves of James Brown, Usher, Lady Goregaga and many more. And finally, the Finalists of ABDC 4 will be revealed.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any feedback!

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