Saturday, September 19, 2009

Review: 'Groovaloos' featuring Beat Freaks and other hip hop luminaries

Continuation of 'Groovaloo' review:
The show consists of solo dances, choreographed circles and battles, and group routines, with a balance of choreography and bboy tricks. The battles and circles were fun, but may disappoint audiences used to the spontaneity and urgency of a competition. But some of the group routines are a wonder. Among my favorites --Lindsey's robot routine called 'Once Upon a Time' where she struggles with being unconventional; Keeley's tribute to The Lockers, and Julie's battles with three black-clad figures representing mental illness. Unfortunately, there is no one over-the-top dance like the ones done by Groovaloos on 'Superstars of Dance'. I think the inclusion of a show-stopper could help bring more 'word-of-mouth' to the show, which was not sold out the night I attended.

Each of the bios were compelling, though there were so many that the subtle ones might have been lost to the audience the night I attended the show. Interestingly, all the women dealt with internal issues (body image, depression, lack of confidence, loss of faith, nonconformity), while the men dealt with external problems (poverty, family violence, street violence, parental and societal expectations). In all cases -- the dancers started with different needs and problems, but could find acceptance, excitement, and challenge in the hip hop and bboy dance community. Fortunately for us, Groovaloos brought the words and the moves to allow us non-dancers a brief tantalizing look into their home.

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