Monday, September 21, 2009

Zatzz's recap: ABDC Week 7

Here's the rest of Zatzz's recap -- be sure to read to the end for her far-reaching insights:

"The show started on a rough note. I can imagine how many people at home had their jaw dropped on the ground. Even the audience and the other two crews seemed skeptical to hear Mario Lopez announce that the crew with the most votes and that would go directly to the finals was AfroBorike. Nonetheless, they performed their Decades Challenge performance first. I, personally, was rather amused by their performance. Although the sloppiness, out of sync moments and more, I still enjoyed it. Their opening was probably the best part, although once again, it’s because they were in their element… It’s already down to the end, and AfroBorike have yet to shown versatility.

Later on the show, being saved, AfroBorike performed their Last Chance challenge, to a Tribal-like song and routine. I personally, really enjoyed it. The giant drum the girls came out of was crazy, and they did many beautiful lifts like they’re used to. Other than that, their song was terrifying. AFRO! AFRO! AFRO! AFROOOOOO! Indeed.

Seeing Afroborike move on could only mean one thing; the ladies of We Are Heroes and the bboys of Massive Monkees would have to battle it out. This means that for 3 weeks in a row now, I have only seen my original favorites battle it out. Sickening.

I’d like to talk about We Are Heroes first, since they were the saved crew. WAH truly had the best Decade performance out of the three, but it certainly did not live up to the hype. The way it started with all the locking, which was amazing, I was expecting to see the saw energy and talent for the whole performance. Sadly, it didn’t work. It went downhill for me.

Overall, I really liked the part were they were all gliding, and of course the whole James Brown section.
In other news, WAH have won the title of ‘wtf was that sexual move’ this week, dethroning AB who have been the kings of obscenity since Week 2. I mean, did everyone notice how they were literally grabbing ONE ANOTHER’s crotches!?? THAT WAS WEEEIRD. I didn’t get it. At all.

Saved by the judges over MM, We Are Heroes performed their Last Chance challenge, the superhero themed Ichiban (Number one) performance. Once again, overhype. Although I really did enjoy the performance and thought it it definitely in the Top 10 performances of this season, it didn’t blow my mind away. People compared it to Quest’s orQuestra. Oh well, guess it looked better in person. The chain-reaction effect near the beginning was dope, and the fire was also sort of amusing.
This leaves us the eliminated crew of the week, Massive Monkees. Now, where to begin. I love these boys. But did they bring it this week? Sadly, no. I was quite disappointed, because since the past 3 weeks they had the best performances of the week in my opinion, and from the start they had always went uphill, always improving and adding something new to their performance. Sadly, it was probably a case of tiredness, and MM didn’t live up to my expectations. Being Bboys, they should have killed the James Brown and Rock Steady Crew parts. Did they? Not so much. Irony how I enjoyed the Usher, Lady Gaga and Paula Abdul sections of their performance more.

The worst thing about MM having been eliminated right away is that we will never get to see their Last Chance challenge, not on TV at least. Sad, as I am almost sure they would have killed it, hearing their Mastermix on District78’s site reminded me of OrQuestra… Perhaps MM would’ve performed one of the best routines of ABDC of all time? Who knows.

NOW, I KNOW YA’LL WANT TO KNOW. WHAT I THOUGH OF THEM BEING SHIRTLESS. ALL OF THEM. FINALLY. Well, are words really needed? I just wept of joy and giggled. I can now die a happy person. The important thing is that they went shirtless before getting eliminated. I am grateful. HAHAHA!

And now, we only have the ladies of We Are Heroes and the latinos of AfroBorike left in the running. A deception? Yes. I did not and will not vote. I like both crews, but there isn’t one of them that I want to see win more than the other. AB or WAH’s name next to JabbaWockeeZ, Super Cr3w and Quest Crew sounds extremely wrong to me. Whoever will take the title next week, congratulations. But you have not won my heart.
Seeing MM’s banner drop was a let down to me. I was devastated. The goodbye package didn’t help neither. I hate that song, it makes me cry. For the first time in the history of ABDC, I do not have any crew I LOVE left in the running. It will be the first time I do not see one of my favorites win.

But on a positive note, when I realized how far MM have gone, that they have stayed on this show for as long as Kaba Modern and Fanny Pak have, I guess the rest doesn’t matter so much. The guys really took the elimination well, and they give a respectful speech, and it made me smile to hear Twixx mention the honor it was for them to have shared the stage with Super Cr3w, Beat Freaks and Quest. MM then walked off the stage in their own style--by freestyling. In the end, this was just an experience in the life of Massive Monkees crew, which has been around for 10 years and will be around for many decades to come.

Next week, tune into the live finale, and see who of the wonderful AfroBorike and amazing We Are Heroes will take home the Golden BBOY trophy! (I love this.) Might I add that the most (if not only) exciting part about next week is that ALL the crews are coming back on the stage? Personally, I can’t contain my joy of seeing amazing crews back on the show--MM and VE, but also other crews that definitely had more in store for us--Fr3sh and Southern Movement. No matter who wins on September 27, all I know is that I take away from Season 4 an average season with only two crews that will stand right there in my heart besides my favorites from the past season.

Who’re you looking forward to seeing again at the finale?
Which crew do you think had more in store or us? Twixx or Jerome? Zoeth or Domo? Did MM deserve to go home?

One last thing… or two…
Thank you for reading, and feel free to leave me any feedback or opinions!"
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