Monday, September 7, 2009

Zatzz's recap: Dance Craze Challenge and some inside info on VMA week!

Here's the rest of Zatzz' astute and funny recap of America's Best Dance Crew 4's Dance Craze Challenge. Thanks Zatzz!
"The show started with the first saved crew -- Afroborike. See, I'm starting to gain respect for this crew. Even though their Audition and Week 1 performances were horrible and most of their other performances were just sex-sex-sex, I'm starting to see a little bit of talent from them. BUT! I don't think they deserve to be where they are. I was set on my Top 4 crews, and hoped my choices would be the ones at the top. And now one of them is gone. Instead we have these sexual robots on the stage.

I was hyped to hear they were making this one more hip-hop and they did pull it off a little. Unfortunately, the just HAD to add a sexual touch to it, didn't they? And so, Alain, Miguel and Josue literally JUMPED on the girls, grabbed their necks, and started grinding on their faces!!!
Okay...Ariel wants me to mention that Afroborike are collaborating with MTV to educate the virgin viewers of ABDC. I bet it's the truth.
Next up were my favorites of the moment -- Massive Monkees. I was happy to see yet another great routine from them. Sure, still not mind blowing, but very entertaining and they got sexy for us ladies :D But they're still not taking those shirts off. What are they waiting for>!> Haha! On the more serious aspect of the performance, their use of props was great (well, I didn't get the extinguisher all that much, was it related to Taladega Nights?) And they worked the trampoline well too.
The final safe crew is Rhythm City, who've been consistent and good all season long. They brought it once again this week, although they may not have executed their challenge perfectly (which I didn't mind at all, because I dislike Jerkin). The little story was a nice touch, and it was good to highlight CJ like that. RC is still the crew I see taking the trophy back to the Bronx the most, although I still think have much work to do. They've been good all season, now they have to be OUTSTANDING.
The first crew to hit the bottom was We Are Heroes. It's their second week down there. Not because they're not talented, but probably because they have the smallest fan-base of all, considering they haven't been around for long and don't have a whole city or community supporting them. Anyways, apparently most people consider it to have been the best of the night. For me, it was the most boring. Yes, I enjoyed Afroborike's raping more. Haha! Except some great flips, I didn't see so much. I didn't see the usual flair I feel while watching the beautiful ladies of We are Heroes dance. Although, I really admire how they have kept on working and doing their best, despite really bad injuries.
Finally the show closed off with a performance by fan favorites Vogue Evolution. I personally liked it better than WAH's but both are still good. As always, VE brought the energy and amazing, confident vibe they always bring to the stage. Unfortunately, it seems like it wasn't enough and our favorite all-gay crew was sent packing, after a great speech and touching video. I appreciate how well VE took their elimination, and wish them all the best in the future.

Next week, the show will air at 7PM -- right before the VMA awards. And just for the event, the ABDC crew will pay tribute to the best performances to have taken place on the VMA's stage. Mario mentions Britney Spears, Madonna, and Michael Jackson, so we can expect a mind-blowing week!

Exclusive info: there will be a group performance next week, choreographed by Nappytabs! Probably a tribute to the late King of Pop.

Thanks a lot for reading, catch you next week!
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