Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jai's Take on ABDC's Dance Craze Challenge

The rest of Jai's recap and review:

AfroBorike – Swag Surfin
I know that “hate” is a strong word. LOL! (Hey! You! *points* Stop that laughing!) But seriously, I HATED the move where the guys jumped off the trampoline, landing over the girls’ faces and thrusting their junk in their faces; it was so awkward and trashy. Ugh! I’m sure that move probably appealed to some of the audience, but I could have done without it. Now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest, we can continue with the rest of their performance. :) I liked the signature partner work after that sexual move though; the girls’ splits were in synch and beautiful. AB’s formations were okay, but the leaps the girls did were off a little especially when Miguel caught Zoeth. I really thought he was unstable when catching her and was going to drop her. Their ending pose was cute with Josue as the surfboard and Zoeth as the surfer. Other than that, I saw some level changes, but AB’s synchronization was off quite a bit during this performance.

Massive Monkees – Ricky Bobby
I liked that MM incorporated the challenge throughout the routine with their signature b-boy moves. There were nice formations and levels given at the beginning of the routine, and I LOVED the little slow groove MM did; that was entertaining! LOL! Lil’ Lazy and Tim’s partner work on the floor was nice. I loved the move where they pushed away from each other; it looked so smooth and effortless! This week, I really saw some showmanship this time around especially with JD flipping like a mad man off the trampoline and off the stage. It was good to see every member of MM utilize the trampoline as well. Jerome’s “crab step” (and his facial expression…LOL!) where JD used the fire extinguisher was hilarious; clearly, that was a reference to the movie Talladega Nights. I liked how they utilized the stage by going side-to-side during the “crab step”, too. JD’s forward brownie flip over Jerome and off the trampoline into a forward head slide at the beginning of routine was great. Lil’ Lazy’s “coin drops” after jumping off the trampoline were really nice, too. For MM, it was pretty easy to keep in synch with the lyrics. They played onto them well with the “stop and pose for the frame” ending and the Polaroid photo op. LOL!
And was I the only person to hold my breath when Marcus and Jerome swung Brysen over the trampoline? One wrong move and Brysen’s head would’ve been cracked open; thankfully, that did not happen!

Rhythm City – The Jerk
I liked RC’s theme with Phramez being the nerd of the group all because he wears, well, frames. Kenny and Denzel’s front and back flips off the trampoline were cool. I liked that they incorporated the wop with the jerk. Also, I especially liked the levels during this portion of routine with the guys standing and the girls on the ground. As we have all come to expect, RC was very clean and in synch with this routine. They had nice formations and isolations and utilized the stage pretty good this week. However, RC didn’t really spend too much time showing the actual dance move. Their performance started off a little slow, but picked up shortly thereafter. Denzel’s jump over Dominique and front flip over Ashley was a very athletic move towards end of routine.

We Are Heroes – Stanky Legg
I liked the nice snake move where each member had their legs on each other; did a slow, staggered wind to floor; and hit a locking move on their knees. Even though it was very subtle, I saw some of WAH’s signature popping as well. I loved the swagger they had during this performance; it reminded me of the swagger they had for the Bollywood performance. Nichelle’s forward tuck and twisting leap off the trampoline was incredible. The front flip off the trampoline towards the end the routine was awesome, too. WAH had great formations and levels; their showmanship and confidence were definitely there. The routine reflected well with lyrics (i.e. – incorporating the sock with the routine and Riquel’s booty popping with the “hit the booty doo” lyrics…LOL!). Honestly, WAH took the stanky legg and made it their own! I also loved how Nichelle wiped her stitches as if to say “And what?!” HA!

Vogue Evolution – Halle Berry
Seriously, I loved the opening with VE doing some leg voguing…LOL! That was hot! Dashaun’s forward tuck off of the trampoline was an athletic move. The group incorporated their signature vogue moves with the Halle Berry dance quite effortlessly. VE was a little cleaner this week and demonstrated some masculinity within their choreo. However, I did see that Leiomy was not in synch with the rest of VE towards the end of the routine. I loved it when Prince jumped off of Dashaun’s back, leaped over Leiomy, spun and hit a side split; that was quite an athletic move. I also loved that the rest of the crew hit a slow dip at the end of Prince’s side split. Leiomy hitting her double spin and dip off the trampoline was HOT as well! VE did a great job of incorporating the challenge throughout their routine. I adored the ending pose where Malechi and Dashaun had Prince and Pony respectively hoisted in the air, kissing Leiomy’s cheek; that was really cute!

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