Sunday, August 23, 2009

Preview of the Martial Arts Challenge: What would Shane Do?

Here's the rest of Chris Trondsen's report. Thanks Chris!!

Next act: Shane said he was tired of groups not being original. Shane said he saw one of the moves before on Youtube and they needed to start to be original and come up with their own stuff.

Next act: Shane said he just wasn't that impressed. We even saw Shane snap off at someone in the audience who said something while Shane was giving his judgement after a performance.

The Shane Sparks we all know and love came back later in the show saying, "If you have a bad week, you have to come out killin' it and fighting to prove you should be there. You guys did that."

Overall, the highlight of the show (besides seeing a different side of Shane) was again the final battle between the bottom two. All 3 judges agreed that the groups in the Final Two gave the best performances, making it hard to send either group home. Shane was finally impressed but it was too late.

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