Sunday, April 18, 2010

"4th ABDC Judge" renders his FInal Judgement on ABDC: Champions for Charity

Here is the detail on "The 4th ABDC Judge's" verdict on America's Best Dance Crew's Champions for Charity show: 
OPENING: It was so good to see every winner once again. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them (not including Poreotix). The theme was great, the kings and queens of ABDC. Let’s start with the crews' own sections:-Jabbawockeez, when I saw that this time there was 7 of you, I wondered if this would help or hurt you. It most definitely helped you. Your section was great. You were all in sync with each other. You played with the music because when it said, hands go up; you did your signature hand point up, respecting your fallen crew member. The cool thing with the 7 people now is that one guy can be in the center while the other can split up evenly to make it look clean, which you did. 
-Super Cr3w - you started just like I remember you, with tricks. You started with some flares and went into some back flips. Then two more went into back flips. Thankfully, you didn’t just focus on your big tricks. I did see some choreography which was good. 
-Quest Crew - you guys work so well together. You started with you guys moving together perfectly. You also used the entire stage by jumping off, also showing your high energy. I really liked the passing head spins; it was something I’ve never seen before. The best thing was when one of you was the base and one guy went over the base, another went over the guy who went over the base, and one went under the base. It reminded me of your week 1 performance which was one of my favorite performances by you. 
-We are Heroes - your popping style and teamwork never stops amazing me. You started by moving like a unit like your VMA week which I loved. You also showed your athletic style with the no-hand cartwheels. You also showed your feminine side with the booty shaking, something no other champion can do, and you ended with you moving in sync, something you ladies do well. 
-Poreotix - your tutting style is what got you here and I was pleased to see it once again. You played with your levels and I thought that was clean. You tutting section was very good; you showed us why you got here. When Poreotix got knighted, I thought that was very creative. When all of you danced together, it was very, well, together. The 3 people who were doing flares in the middle were good. I liked the ending when you sat in your seats doing your signature poses. This was maybe the best group performance in ABDC history.  
POREOTIX: Wow, tutting to the chipmunks, and I thought that it was good to tut to Taylor. This performance was very interesting since most people don’t dance to chipmunks but you did and it was very good. Your opening was clever with the tree and all. You tutted with the music well and when you had your arms around each other’s shoulders, it actually did remind me of the chipmunks. When the music started speeding up, that’s when things got real good. Your tutting was so clean.  You did show your humor with the shimmy. You even showed you were smooth with the body rolls. Your floor work was clean and I loved your hand tutting section and your head tutting section. Your ending was also humorous because it brought it back to the chipmunks with the acorns. Great performance Poreo!
Slo-Mo: When the was two lines of 3 and one person in each line was going a different way because it was a very precise formation and I loved it. Great job.
The charity: What Jackie does is amazing. To teach kids how to dance as an outlet for their problems is very moving. To keep kids away from violence, drugs, alcohol, etc. is very important because kids are the future and if our future leaders are doing bad things, well then the future will be bad as well. Jackie keep doing what your doing at Everybody dance now and I hope more kids sign up for it to.

WE ARE HEROES: Your theme is very good for you. You guys are action figure heroes and that’s who you are, We Are Heroes.  When your broke out the box, your energy went bursting out as well. You all were in Sync with each other which is what I love about this crew. You also used your flexibility to your advantage because you got your legs high! You had your unit thing going on. Your double back hand flips were sick. Loved that. Also, after you did that crazy thing with Mimi’s hair, you went into a popping section which I liked. You showed power on that stage and it really shows. Good Job ladies.
Slo-mo: When you were all huddled up and started doing a hand tutting section. It was very clean and I really liked it. Good job.
The charity: Sarah really opened up her heart. Starting a cheer squad for kids with disabilities is really heart warming. She wants to show people that just cause you have a disability, doesn’t mean you can’t anything. The Sparkle effect is such a great cause and I love that they continue to do this. What ever Sarah does with the 10000 dollars, I know it will be something great. 

QUEST CREW: Your old style performance was amazing. In the beginning, you started with robotic head spins which I thought were very interesting. Then, you did an old classic, the running man. It’s been so long since I’ve seen that, but it’s still good to this day. Like Omarion said, those air flares and then a coin drop was sick. Then that floor work. How you got across the floor, I don’t know what it was, but it worked for you. Your formations were very tight. My favorite being when you went into a box shape.  Your ending was also funny. How the Hok fell on top of the dude and their facial express said it all. The ending split was cool also. Overall, Quest crew brought it like they used to. Great Job.
Slo-mo: When the two dudes went through the 2 openings because the way you formed them was extraordinary. Great performance.
The Charity: While Jordan’s video is not a charity, it is just as important. He made the idea of staying in school into a cool presentation. He put his heart and soul into this and it definitely shows. It is so important to stay in school, get a quality education, and live a successful life. Enjoy the 10 Gs Jordan, maybe you’ll use it to make a sequel. 

SUPER CR3W: Wow, this performance was amazing. Let’s get started with your intro. You all were in sync, while on your hands. Its one thing to stay in sync, but to do it on your hands, is just amazing. The back flip off the wall was cool too. Like I said before, you did do some choreography which is very important. A crew (or cr3w), can’t just rely on stunts, they NEED choreo. Then, you went into these hand scuttles and it was nice and fast. Your line formation with all of you doing windmills was like organized chaos and it was dope. Then there’s the back flip, off a back! Very nice. The hand stand poses were creative because they went with the camera noises. But then your secret weapon comes out, Jalen! This kid is insanely good! He is rocking those head spins on the wall and while he’s doing that, you guys go back to choreo which is great because you’re balancing stunts with choreo. Also, Jalen doing the flares, where did this kid learn those moves? He even did a back hand flip. The little kid can keep up with the big boys. Outstanding performance Super Cr3w and Jalen.
Slo-mo: When you flipped the two guys up from the ground, so they were standing. It went by fast so not a lot of people didn’t see it. It was good and I thought people would want to know about it. Great job!
The Charity: Marvelyn, your story truly touched me. I love what you do. Spreading the word about HIV is so important. I’m so proud of you because when you got HIV, you didn’t let it ruin your life, you used it to help people everywhere learn the true dangers of HIV and how they can prevent it. Please continue what you do Marvelyn because it helps out so many people.

JABBAWOCKEEZ: It has been so long since I’ve seen you guys, but it’s totally worth the wait after seeing this performance. Let’s start with you amazing entrance. The giant mask coming from the sky was so Jabba. As JC said, your robot was you. You but your own style into it and it was so sick. Your Choreo was nice and you were all so together. Your line formation was great because it showed some great reveals. Then, the sickest part of your performance, the robot. Literally, you moved as one. It was a great way to end the episode. Amazing job JabbaWockeeZ.
Slo-mo: Your head spin. It was simple yes, but it was still good. I liked it and it reminded me about the back in time performance. Great Job!
The Charity: Josh, your website is so important. It really moved me that you show people that even without an arm or a leg, you can still do everything people with 4 limps do. IT boost up their morals and It’s so moving. Josh, keep doing what you do because it’s so helpful to so many amputees. 

Final Comments: Okay, THIS is last my last review for the season. I loved writing these reviews and really loved reading what people have to say, some good, some bad, all were made me happy to write reviews.  Don’t worry, I’m not leaving BABDC. In fact, I’m in the middle of making two contests, so make sure you participate. Later!

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