Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chris Trondsen: more things on what you DON'T see on TV tonight!

  • Another thing you won't see is that the 2 top crews ended up having to re-perform every performance of the night over again. Both their first one, as well as their Last Chance Challenge. Not that they messed up but MTV wanted it perfect. That is the reason they are so tired and sweaty in their after performance interviews with us press!
  • One last thing you wont see on this week's episode that I want to share with you is this: Season one, after Status Quo and Jabawockeez were announced in the final two and performed their Last Chance Challenge, the crowd went crazy after feeling Kaba Modern was cheated and kept chanting to let Kaba perform. Well, the producers granted Kaba that request and Kaba got to perform that Last Chance Challenge for the crowd!! Well, this year some people in the crowd chanted for the 3rd place team to be able to perform what their final performance was going to be but unfortunately because the top 2 crews had to perform their performances again, there wasn't any time.
We will have more of Chris's review of ABDC's Hip Hop Nation and Last Chance Challenge tomorrow, including more revelations about what went on off-camera. 
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Thanks again Chris!