Saturday, April 3, 2010

"The 4th ABDC Judge" renders judgement on ABDC's Hip Hop Nation and Last Chance Challenges

So let’s start with the Hip Hop Nation Challenge. Also, I didn’t give any advice or slo-mos because I can’t. Judges took my slo-mos and I can’t give them advice about their group performances.But before I begin remember this: I suck with dance terminology, so don’t make fun of me if I don’t get everything (or anything) right.

Blueprint Cru- I loved this performance, probably your best of the season. Let’s start with the Baltimore house. I think this was good for you. It looked very precise which is what your group feeds off of. Then, B-boy hero with his side headstand was pretty sick. When you actually did the Baltimore house, you guys moved as a unit, all of you doing the same thing and it was clean. Next you did turfing. This was my least favorite part of your routine. I thought it was kinda slow to start off with, but that’s the only reason why it was my least favorite. I liked the coin drops that B-boy hero did and loved your hand sections. Finally, you did New Orleans Bounce. You started that song with the Bounce right off the bat. I liked when you guys did that, I wish you did it later so I could be blown by it, but that’s just my opinion. The pirouette was a surprise to me and you do some floor work, it was nice. Great Job Blueprint!  

Poreotix: This was such a high energy performance from you guys. You started off with the flip and the elbow freeze and it was good and clean. Your turfin was smooth but you are from the West so it was a give away. You also brought your humor when He held up the sign and was like, “hey guys, come over here”. I think you did good with the New Orleans Bounce even with your ABD. You did many different styles with it and it was great to see the different styles of the Bounce. You also played sexy with the grinding. You also got into it because one of you played the female singer and I thought that was funny. When it came time to do Baltimore house, you guys were great at it. You kept up with the high energy with the floor work and the windmills. But when he was doing the windmills, I felt like the rest of you were waiting for him almost. But it was worth it when you killed the Baltimore house. Overall, great performance Poreo!

Hype 5-0: This is the Hype 5-0 I know and love. You guys did Fantastic! In the opening, you guys exploded with high Energy and I thought “I know this will be great” and it was. You started off with the New Orleans Bounce and I thought you killed it. This is a high energy dance and I thought you would do good at it. You executed the Bounce very well and I liked the turn you did, but that was only memorable part of that part. But when you got into the Baltimore house section, you brought me back. When it said “put that booty on the floor”, you really put it to the floor. You did it creatively and it was hot. When you executed the House, you did that creatively. Not all your crew members did that cause as the fellas did the house, the ladies was doing some floor work, giving us more to look at. That gave us levels and so did the guy going up on two people. Your turfin section was extremely creative. You did the Blueprint part and told us, “We’re going to smash Blueprint”. Also, when you made fun of Poreo, you told “We’re going to kick Poreotix off the stage”. You told us your plan which was good. But, that kinda took away from your turfin. I didn’t see as much as wanted to, but it was still good. When you used the prop, it was good and smooth. Excellent work Hype! 

Now it’s time to talk about the last chance challenge.
Blueprint Cru: This is the definition of Blueprint, the perfect plan coming to life. You started with your crisp precise moves and showed off B-boy hero. But it turns out, he wasn’t the only B-boyer in the group. The flip was hot and your ending was so powerful. It showed us that you are blueprint and you are her to stay. 

Poreotix: The perfect thing for robots, a video game. I liked your beginning because it was symmetric. You also showed us some groovy robots and the stomach wiggle which I didn’t expect robots to do. You then brought it back to symmetry and ended it with a death in a video game. It told us that you were poppin and you are going to win this game.
Final Comments: So let’s recap on this season:

  • Week 1, Swagger Crew didn’t have enough swag and was gone
  • Week 2, Royal Flush lost the card game and had to evacuate the dance floor
  • Week 4, Heavy Impact crashed through the floor and out the competition and Static Noyze had a bad signal and got out as well
  • Week 5, Saltare didn’t get caught up in the ropes, but jumped out the competition
  • Week 6, Jungle Boogie cranked their hearts out, but got puled out the competition
  • Week 7, Hype 5-0 showed off their moves, but they were shown out the door
And now it comes down to this. Blueprint vs. Poreotix
- Will the West win again?
- Will a coed crew finally win?

- Will a non-US crew take the title?
- Will history be made, or will it be repeated?

It’s up to YOU!!!

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