Sunday, April 11, 2010

"The 4th ABDC Judge" renders judgement on ABDC's Finale

Here's the rest of the review of America's Best Dance Crew's Finale from "The 4th ABDC Judge":
East Coast: I liked your opening because it looked like the East Coast was a tight unit. The wave was also clean. Another thing I found cool was when the Blueprint boys were doing that arm section, going through the hands with different aspects. When the jump ropes came out, people started tripping up. But I don’t care. It’s the finals and you’re here to have fun and I know each one of you had a great time. Static Noyze, your section kinda reminded me of your regional performance. The leg lift reminded me of the guns in your battle. I also hope Enrique is okay because I didn’t see him. Blueprint, I liked how the ladies were jumping rope with the guys from Saltare. That’s easy for Saltare, not so much Blueprint. Your section was precise, just like you guys. Saltare, bring the ropes back, but tripping up made it short. I wish I could have seen more. Overall, this performance was good. As they say “East is Beast”.

South Side: I loved your song choice, fast song is perfect for this region. Your opening was just going into separate groups, so let’s start there. Swagger Crew, Your swaggerness was definitely there and I missed it. Then, every one ripped their shirt off, going with the song. Royal Flush, your big tricks came back. The back flip off the guy was dope. Also, the part after the flip reminded me of your regional battle which I loved. Jungle Boogie, definitely saw your exploding high energy. I loved your cranking and glad that you brought it back. Overall, this high energy performance was good. As they say “Dirty South representing”. 

Top 2: This was just like Jabba and Status’s top 2 performances. But I think I liked this one better. Loved the beginning because it was showing us the leaders fighting against each other. Then you got into stepping and I thought it was great. Poreotix’s stepping was good and smooth, while Blueprint was fast and high energized. The flip was cool too. Not too much to say about this performance, but I liked it. Not my favorite top 2 performance, but it was good.

Final Comments: I just want to thank every one of you. The people who have read my reviews and commented about liking them. That always made me happy. I want to thank the people who have defended me when haters were hating on me. It showed that people really do like my reviews. I also want to thank the haters. You’re not a good review if you don’t get some boos. Just like judges. I will definitely be back for season 6 because I know that people will read. So thank you all so much. Finally, comment if you do want me to review the charity for champs. Actually, one more thing. I especially want to thank Nancy for letting me do this. For giving me this chance to let my voice to be heard. Thanks to every single person and who knows, I might be in contest, or I might create contest of my own. Peace BABDCers.