Monday, April 12, 2010

Report and videos from the Main Event Workshops

Here's the rest of Melissa's report on the Main Event workshops:
Next up was Gloryzen from Funkanometry SF. She was the “mystery choreographer” that nobody knew of till the day of registration. Her style was completely different; much more sexy! It’s a shame I didn’t have a chance to video tape it!

Cara was next. She may be short but she was extremely powerful. Her routine was very intricate and complex. It was definitely a master’s class so I personally give mad kudos to those who were able to land each point. We tried persuading her to give us a solo, but she refused. Instead, she danced the routine with some of the top dancers in our class who were able to learn the routine.

And finally, Mike Song came. Even though he was last and most people have been dancing for 3 hrs straight already, there was still a lot of excitement in the room. Mike started the class by teaching us tutting roots as well as some of the first tutting moves he learned. (If you’re curious as to what’s the first tut he learned just bend your elbows and hands to match these pictures: 

Mike then jumped into the routine. He was probably the most chill out of all of the teachers; he cracked jokes left and right and kept trying to keep the energy and mood of the room up. At the end of the class, we cheered on Mike to give us a solo and before he agreed, all 50 of us dashed to the front of the room for a view of Mike’s performance.

Overall, it was a great day of learning and fun! Everyone was really respectful no matter what level you were at and encouraging. You don't truly get to appreciate everything on ABDC till you take a class and try dancing to what they do. I drove 5 hrs to be able to attend this workshop, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. =D