Friday, April 2, 2010

Review from the Pressbox - Chris Trondsen on ABDC5's Hip Hop Nation and Last Chance Challenges

 Here's the rest of Chris' review:
Each crew is given the same challenge that Mario announced last episode for their first performance.  This week was to do 3 different regional dances that are popular and based out of either the West, South, or East.  Hype 5-0 not only came up with choreography but also did two things in the performance to call out and put down the other two crews, taunting them.   The crowd reacted two different ways when they saw this crew call out the other two crews in their performance.  When this crew was being critiqued by the judges and it showed a slow mo of them calling out and dissin' the other two crews, some of the crowd cheered, and other's boo'd.  The fan's of Poreotix didn't like that their favorite was being made fun of and boo'd extra loud.   

Another thing you won't see on the show is that the two crews that were being called out actually came up to Hype backstage and told them that they loved the props they used when making fun of them.  It's all love.  These three crews really like each other and there were no hard feelings.

It was a hard decision based on the two crews that had a chance to be saved by the judges and take that last spot in the finale.

You see how each crew dealt with the pressure differently.  When they were both on stage, and the music came on, and Mario was about to announce who ended up this season in 3rd place and who was going to perform in the finale, Poreotix was laughing, waving to the crowd, and Hype 5-0 had serious faces on and looked straight forward with little expression on their faces.

Once the judges' decision was announced, Hype took it real hard.  They gave 110% and wanted this so bad.  There were tears and they took it the hardest I've ever seen a crew take it in the two seasons I've been covering the show.  They were crying backstage and just really down about it but a lot of people including the other two crews were giving them props for being so good and reminded them how far they came in this competition and all the reasons they should keep their heads up.

Hype was also very professional.  They had a choice to either head back to the hotel when they were announced as third place or they could stick around to do interviews.  They chose to stick around and were so nice to the press and gave everyone great interviews.  Although they took it hard, they still wanted to thank the fans and everyone supporting them.

Now it was time for the Last Chance Challenge.  There have been Last Chance Challenges that will forever stick in our minds in past seasons like Quest Crew's: OrQuestra and last year's We Are Heroes fire breathing: Ichiban. I will let the fans and viewer's decide if they felt that these two Last Chance Challenges stood up to the memorable Last Chance Challenges from the past.. 

The only thing I heard is that you could catch one of the final two crew's Last Chance Challenge on Youtube because they have done it before.  Was that a smart idea?  Some think it was and others think it wasn't and they should come up with something new. One thing to remember though, is this time they did it on a huge stage with the lights, props, backdrop, etc. 

After they performed, another thing you won't see is that the 2 top crews ended up having to re-perform every performance of the night over again.  Both their first one, as well as their Last Chance Challenge.  Not that they messed up but MTV wanted it perfect.  That is the reason they are so tired and sweaty in their after performance interviews with us press! Both crews were so tired when it was all over.  They didn't seem to be cheery and actually, Hype was the most uplifted.

Both Blueprint and Poreotix were tired after performing so much but just thankful to be in the finale.  Another thing the show won't show you is that outside, before the crews headed back to the hotel, some fans were on the lot near where the vans were that takes the crews back to the hotel, and the crews were all taking pictures, signing autographs, talking with their fans.  The final three crews love their fans and are so humble!

One thing to know about the remaining crews as well is that there were some injuries.  One is evident in the crew's final performance when there is some B-Boy moves with two of its members and one member is not as sharp as the other.  He has multiple injuries himself but both crews had members with injuries but instead of complaining, they all performed full out.

Another thing the two remaining crews told me is that they are close friend's and actually in the talks of performing with each other in the future.  There is no beef and that is started by the fans, and not the crews itself.  And both crews feel blessed to just be there but of course they also want to win.  So know that all of them will be performing together and hanging out in the future.  I have heard from MTV staffers that all the crews in Season 3 and this season were the closest.  Like an actual family.

So next week will be the big Season 5 finale!  We will see if America shocks us and go for the underdogs of the final 2 or if the show ends how many have thought all along.  Also, one thing to remember is that the crew that has always been saved by America's votes right off the bat during the final 3, has gone home.  Status Quo from season 1, So Real from Season 2, Beat Freaks from Season 3, and Afroborike from last season.  Will this happen again or will this be the year that it is different?
But I am VERY EXCITED to announce that Hype 5-0 will be performing at World Of Dance in Pomona on April 10th and there is a REAL good chance that they are going to perform their Last Chance Challenge for all their fan's to see!! They are just working out some things but they are 100% performing and there is a REAL good change it will be that final performance!  We will keep you posted!  And if you can't make it to WOD: Pomona, the footage of their performance will be on soon after the show!