Friday, April 30, 2010

Field Agent report: Ninjaboi's meeting with Quest at DisneyWorld's Grad Nites

Here's the rest of the field report from Ninjaboi:
Agent Field Summary:
      Arriving at Disney approximately at 2100 EST, we actually entered the park at 2200.  Thanks to prior arrangements with Agents N and J, the Field Agent was scheduled to meet with Quest Crew by the Rocket Plaza stage in Tomorrowland before their 2245 performance at approximately 2215.  However, thanks to strict regulations by the Walt Disney World Corporation, gaining access to Quest Crew, who were backstage in a secluded area, was made difficult and postponed.  Finally, at about 2235, the Field Agent was able to enter with 3 associates backstage.  Due to the limited time now available for an interview, the Field Agent was only able to acquire about 2 minutes worth of interview, in low-light settings, before being escorted out to the Rocket Plaza stage.

      Present members of Quest Crew included Steve Terada, Hok Konishi, Brian Hirano, Victor Kim, Ryan Confierdo, Aris Paracuelles, and D-Trix Sandoval.  Ryan Feng was not present, likely due to his recovering foot injury.  Most members were dressed in Marvel Character t-shirts. The Field Agent was able to acquire a performance at the Rocket Plaza stage, albeit slightly blocked by Disney’s cameraman.  The performance was of various freestyles, with many signature moves. 

      The Field Agent was not able to watch and record the choreographed routine at Castle Stage at 2330 and 0115, due to being on the opposite side of the park at that time and in line for another ride.  However, reports from classmates who did watch the performance and various youtube videos, it appears to have been a combination of their ABDC performance set and their Samsung tour set.  Apparently their schedule for the night was to circulate between about 4 smaller stages in addition to the Main Stage, leaving little time between performances for interviews or meet and greet opportunities.  

-The Field Agent can now sympathize with Agents Chris and Glenda when they say that they were “literally kicked out” of the ABDC crew garage when trying to get interviews.  There is just so much to ask and say and do with the crews, but so little time.
-Quest Crew is much shorter in real life than on TV
-Rather than the traditional Disney song track for the park, many contemporary songs were played; Many of these were songs used in challenges
-Whenever “You’re a jerk” came on, random “jerking battles” spontaneously erupted, which the Field Agent found amusing.  The dancing at the various dance floors was, in the same thread, much of what you would find at a high school dance rather than the freestyling seen on the show, with a few exceptions. 

-Interview Video 
-Freestyle Video at Rocket Plaza stage 
-Castle Stage performance acquired from Youtube 

Met Quest Crew, got Interview video, got Performance video (freestyle) 

Did not get reader shoutouts, autographs, or pictures 

Overall appraisal:
      The agent self-recommends a “B-” grade, for actually meeting Quest Crew and getting a video, but with penalties for forgetting to take a picture and for missing the Castle Stage performance, as well as the shoutouts.  However, the overall experience of actually meeting Quest Crew, and having fun at Magic Kingdom at night nets Disney Grad Nite 2010 a solid A+.  Anyone who is going to go to Grad Nite on the 30th or 1st should bring a camera as well to try and capture Season 3 runner ups Beat Freaks performing.  

End Field Report.

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