Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crush!'s Report from the taping of ABDC's Hip Hop Nation/Last Chance Challenge

Here's the rest of Crush!'s report after attending America's Best Dance Crew's Hip Hop Nation/Last Chance Challenge: 

First up in alphabetical order is Blueprint Cru. All the crews had to incorporate dance styles from the across the country, such as New Orleans Bounce, Baltimore House, and Bay area Turfin.  They went through every dance style and it was very clear what style they were doing at the moment. They did great to fuse the dance styles, into the their own original choreography. They got down and dirty, and gave us that gangster feel.   The highlight of their performance was when they got into partner-work and did some threading together. It was creative and haven't seen that done before. 

Next is Hype 5-0. As the rest of the crews still in the competition, Hype had to incorporate the dance styles. They had said that in previous performances they have been trying to please the judges, but its been watering down what they could really do, so they are going to stick to the true Hype 5-0 style. Their performance started out strong and fast. They were doing choreography that made me feel like I was back at the regionals...The part that stuck in my mind the most was when they were calling out the other two crews. They first called out Bluprint Cru by having one of the girls being "choked", like what blueprint Cru did in the Gaga Challenge, and then one of the guys comes out and punches her down. Then Josh calls out Poreotix with their signature shades and puts them on, then takes them off and kicks them into the air, breaking them into pieces. The audience booed when Omarion called for the replays of Hype calling out Poreotix. Once it played all the Poreoheads went and booed disrespectfully. But when they showed the replay of BP's callout, the audience stayed quiet. i guess it's better to stay quiet than boo. 

Finally is Poreotix. In their package before their performance, they said that it was going to be difficult to incorporate some of the dance styles into their routine. Their main reason why its going to be hard is because they have, what they call "Asian Booty Disease" or something like that. They thought they were going to have trouble to incorporate the New Orleans bounce because of it. In the New Orleans Bounce section, they were popping their booties and much more, I actually laughed, which i never do in their performances... all the screaming the audience were doing made my ears hurt. 
The final two crews still in the competition, both had equally amazing Last Chance performances! Cant wait to see them Thursday!

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