Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DanceNinja2's review of Kollaboration 10

Here's DanceNinja2's report on Kollaboration 10 on March 6, 2010. Thanks DanceNinja2!

Kollaboration 10 was great, entertaining, and fun!   Here's my take on the competitors and guest performers:

Most memorable COMPETITORS:
Clara: most interesting because she pulled out what looked like a large black harmonica connected to a white tube, through which she blew air.  Her guitar playing and singing were soft and sweet.  When they announced that she won the guest judge’s first place trophy and $2,000 grand prize, it was touching when she literally crouched to her knees in disbelief for a good minute.

Bhangra Empire: highly energetic, colorful, couldn’t take my eyes off them, and pleased audiences in all aspects.  Loved it every time a group split and new dancers seemed to emerge from out of nowhere.  I think they had the biggest ‘wow’ response especially at one point when they had dancers link their legs and lean far back parallel to the floor...while sitting on another dancer's shoulders AND being twirled around in fast circles!  Some stunts and a picture worthy end pose that looked like an ‘empire’.   They won the guest judge’s 2nd place prize with $1,000.

Jason Yang: talented violinist who took home the AUDIENCE’S Choice Award based on texted votes and won $1,000 by Verizon Wireless.

Mike Isberto and Alfa: had the best angelic smooth, soothing voices!
Most memorable GUEST Performers (in no particular order):

Korean Union Dancerz: unique costumes with long, loose white sleeves that extended beyond their hands and wore dark red masks.  They reminded me of Jabbawockeez, but they definitely had their own style.  Best moment: the simple movement where each person cocked their head in various directions to a strong beat.

Prepix:  wore blue cloaks and heavy black gas-like masks.  Very dark and mysterious.  A few moments of very fast choreography, and some moments of very slow movements.  At one point, dancers walked around circling another member, possibly representing time travel? haha

Abraham McDonald:  discovered from winning Oprah’s Karaoke Challenge. Highly energetic, soulful, and inspiring putting everything he had into the song ‘I Believe’.

We Are Heroes:  A video played highlighting their best moments since winning ABDC4 including appearances on Oprah, Ellen, etc.  It was exciting being able to see them up close and see the details of their movements.  The best moment: each person danced a solo center stage and gave it all they got!  Towards the end of the routine, they used many of the same moves they performed on ABDC4.

Anbu Black Ops: Direction by Mike Song (Kaba Modern) and Anthony Lee (YoMama Crew) and has some members from Quest, Boxcuttuhz, CADC, and Kaba Modern 6.  Loved the mixture of ninja moves and style with hard-hitting hip-hop choreography and storytelling.
Freestyle Vocal Competition and Freestyle Dance Competition:  winner was determined based on the loudest audience cheers immediately after performing, which made this fun, interactive, and at times, funny.  The winner was definitely American Idol worthy singing bits of ‘No One’ and ‘And I’m Telling You’.  And the dance competition started with male bboys, poppers, lockers, and finally a girl (the ONLY girl in this freestyle dance competition) rocked out in a short pink dress and a scarf, but quickly tossed the scarf and surprised the audience with her breaking (yes, in a short dress) and hip hop skills! It ended with a tie between the girl and a popper/locker.

The show ended with an emotionally touching tribute video to PK (founder of Kollaboration):  major Asian American celebs congratulated him for Kollaboration 10’s TEN year success and thanked him.  Appearances by John Cho (who got the loudest cheers), Justin Chon, Ben Chung, Far East Movement (also got loud cheers), Aaron Yoo, Sung Kang, and many others.

Guest judges included: Josephn Kahn, KevJumba, Rex Lee, Lisa Ling, Michelle Phan, Nita Song, Patricia Yoon.

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