Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Crush! report from ABDC's Disco Challenge Taping

Here are more excerpts from Crush!'s report from the ABDC Disco Challenge taping. Thanks Crush!
Ok well since we all know Blueprint Cru was given immunity, so they were up first! They got the song "Le Freak" by Chick. Their challenge was to do the Funky Guitar in their performance. Also all crews had to incorporate a lift into their routine. Their performance had a lot of memorable moments, such as doing some flares and putting on an afro at the same time. 

Next, in alphabetical order [not in the show order] comes Heavy Impact. They danced to You Should Be Dancing and they still had to incorporate some lifts, even with their size... and their lifts was humorous!... The theme for their performance was that they were in an audition and trying to get into a show or something.  

Up next, is Hype 5-0...They danced to Shake Your Groove Thing and shook their groove things they did! 
Next, in alphabetical order is Jungle Boogie. They danced to their theme song of course, Jungle Boogie! They all had afros on and it reminded me of the show Good Times...they brought a lot of different styles, 
Next is Poreotix!  They got Dancing Machine which fitted them perfectly. 

Second to last is Saltare... they danced to Disco inferno, and the inferno came out! They added extra choreography this week, like the last performance..  Towards the end is when it got HOT!
And last, but not least is Static Noyze! They got A Fifth of Beethoven. First off, Enrique was notified by his doctor that he cannot dance tonight, so he had no choice but to cheer them on in the stands while his crew performed. Their performance was pretty dramatic. 
Now, the bottom three was pretty disappointing because of one crew being in it instead of another that was saved. Either way it was a really good night, and everyone should tune in to watch!

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