Saturday, March 6, 2010

"The 4th ABDC Judge" weighs in on the Lady Gaga Challenge

STATIC NOYZE: Once again, you guys did a great job. This was interesting because I know Peter is also Baby Gaga and I wanted to see how it would go down. I really like the story you brought, Peter being like the king (or queen) and all the worshipers gathering around the ruler. I enjoyed the floor work that was creative. But the flip, that was so unexpected of you guys. The leg tutting was good because not only was it with legs, but you were partially upside down. My advice to this crew, really step it up. I really liked your performance, but I liked your other performances more.
Slo-Mo: When Peter threw the change on the floor. Not really a dance move, but it was very theatrical and played with the music. So, good job.
BLUEPRINT CRUWOW! By far your best performance so far. This was a very creative routine. I know you guys really needed to step up and you did. There was a lot I liked about this performance. Like what Lil mama said, the b-boying in the air, that was sick. It actually kind of reminded me of AfroBorike a bit. Also, how the girls played prisoner was like story telling. What I found clever was that you guys were lip singing the French part because you are Canadian and they speak French. My advice to this crew, you guys are invincible next week, don’t let that make you soft. You gotta still bring it hard.
Slo-Mo: When the ladies broke the guys necks. That summed up your performance because in the beginning, the guys were in control, but at the end, the ladies fought back and won. Nicely done.  
JUNGLE BOOGIE:  Huh, for someone who doesn’t normally play sexy, you still bring it Raqi. But, the fellas brought it to and I think the audience enjoyed it. You guys did bring in the chairs and I thought you used them very creatively. You guys were in sync and on point. Also, the guys in the middle moved all the way around. Like a 180 hip rotation and it was sick. My only advice to this crew, you had a good performance, but I felt your energy wasn’t really there. I miss your energy and I’m not sure if you did your cranking which I love. 
Slo-mo: When Raqi was upside down on the dude for so long, doing splits and such. That was dope and good job.
HEAVY IMPACT: I was skeptical about this one. Big dudes dancing to Love Game to me didn’t sound too good, but it was a good routine. You guys did bring your groove back and I was happy you did. You guys were a tight group and that’s very important. You even paid a tribute to Massive Monkeess with the shirt lift, which they did with the decade of dance challenge. I don’t have a whole lot to say about this crew, which leads to my advice, to me, the performance was kinda easy for you guys. I know you can do so much more, so show me.
Slo-Mo: When one of you went upside down and a split of the pole. That takes some serious athletic skills. Good job.
HYPE 5-0: Wow, as usual, you brought the Hype. Your opening was so amazing. So creative and out there. This was together. You guys did the same moves at the same time which is nice. The whole knee slide thing was sick. And at the end, when she got back up in the air, it likes going back from where you started. My advice to this crew, I liked when you added your Hawaiian flavor to your performances
Slo-Mo: When six of you went up in the air, like it was an explosion in the air and it was so cool. Keep it up Hype 5-0.
POREOTIX: Poreo, still keeping it real. I thought this was an enjoyable performance. The posing in the beginning was cool. Your popping was also on point and clean. What you did with the crutches was sick. It was like Saltare. Your flexible bridge walk was unexpected. I thought the turtle crawl was kinda unnecessary because the bridge took all the attention. As the judges said, the backward tutting was dope and it really showed who you were. My advice, keep stepping it up, don’t go soft for one second or you could be going home.
Slo-mo: What you did with the pictures was very funny, bringing your humor into a performance is good in my book. Good job.
SALTARE: Definitely a step up from your last performance. This is what I was hoping for. Your stunts were sick. The whole bridge thing, slide under thing was sick. I also saw that coin flip, very nice. Especially your flip jump. That was so nice. You also let go of the ropes again. That’s what I like. I know you are jump ropers, but you are also dancer and you need to show people that. My advice to this crew, you got lucky with this. Don’t make the same mistake twice.
Slo-mo: When you were bouncing up and down on your butt over the ropes. Showing different things to do with the ropes. Good job.

Final Comments: I think they made a right choice with Blue Print being saved. Let’s hope they use it well. The other six crews better be careful.

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