Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kyle's report from the Hip Hop Nation/Last Chance Challenge taping

Here's spoiler-free excerpts from the rest of Kyle's  report from the taping of America's Best Dance Crew's Hip Hop Nation/Last Chance Challenge: 

Gonna review each crews performance in alphabetical order to not give any spoilers away :)  

 Blueprint cru! the task at hand was to master 3 different types of dances from across the nation (baltimore house, turfin, and new orleans bounce)   Once judge kept commenting on how "funny" their performance was and how they took on so many different styles that were different from their own
Hype:   hype mentioned in the package that they would go back to basics and bring their true style back, which they did. Hype brought the choreography, and pretty much blended each style of dance seamlessly into the routine. they also incorporated the BP bad romance "lift by the neck" move and wore oversized sunglasses in the performance sort of as an homage/mocking of the other 2 crews (but when they made fun of poreotix, they got booed in their own performance!) 
Poreotix: they started out by holding signs saying which of the three styles they'd be performing during the routine, (to which JC said that it made it easier to critique each section).  

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