Wednesday, March 10, 2010

De'Janaro Dior's report from ABDC's Disco Challenge Taping

Here are spoiler-free excerpts from De'Janaro Dior's report on ABDC's Disco Challenge taping.  
BLUEPRINT:  Even tho they were saved last week they still brought a good solid performance The bboy of the crew did a move that Omarion calls the FroMill. LOL 

HEAVY IMPACT: Dressed in lime green... high pack energy and smooth old school moves 
HYPE 5.0: Outfits looked more like disco than anybody else  

JUNGLE BOOGIES: Stayed in character of the 70's the whole entire time and gave great humor  
POREOTICS: Dressed in red and silver with red and black bowties. They danced to the Jackson 5 Dancing Machine and they were just that.
SALTARE: Put the jump ropes on fire as they jumped through them.
STATIC NOYZE: Dressed in dazzling pink, purple and silver. Pulled it off despite that one crew member was injured and unable to dance. 

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