Saturday, March 13, 2010

"4th ABDC Judge" rules on Disco Week

 Here's the rest of "4th ABDC Judge's take on Disco Week:
SALTARE: Now this is the Saltare I know and love. I think this was one of your best performances yet. Let’s start with the lift. I thought it was creative and the added dips was crazy. I like how when they were doing the lift, the rest of you were jumping and the partner thing was sicker than the last one. I like how you combined ropes with no ropes. But the fire routine, that was something unexpected. It played perfectly with your song. But, you could have done more with it. The only thing you really did was the handstands. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but more is sometimes better. My advice, you did have a mess up again. It was only a slight one, but you still gotta watch out. One little mistake and it could be over for you. But overall, great performance. 
Slo-mo: When you executed your challenge. That's even tougher with the ropes but you pulled it off. Good job!

POREOTIX: I’m not really sure what to say about this performance. Let’s start with the lift. I didn’t really like it that much. Compared to the other two that just went, it was kinda weak. But, while your lift wasn’t that great, your performance was. As the other judges said, the dolphin thing was crazy and you also showed us why your called Poreotix, because of your robotics. Your robotics part was tight. My advice, Challenges will be tougher, make sure you are ready. But overall, nice work.
Slo-mo: After the dolphin things, you guys were doing splits. That was cool because it was so perfect because once the dolphin got there, you split. On point and good job.

HYPE 5-0: Wow. This was a hot performance! It’s the Hype 5-0 I love, the energetic group. Let’s start with the hand stand. That was a very long hand stand. You were able to hold it that long? Also, the girls with the sort of tumble flips? That was so dope. You guys also did two types of lifts. The first one was like an over the shoulder lift and I liked that, but the other was like a basic lift and I thought that was “eh”.  You guys also used levels and that’s important. My advice, keep up that hype energy. Other than that, amazing.
Slo-mo: When someone jumped into a vogue dip. That was cool, bringing in different styles.

Bottom 3: So sad that these three are in the bottom. I hate seeing any crew leave. In the order they went:
HEAVY IMPACT: This challenge was made for you, the grooving crew getting groovy. I like how you brought your own story into, people telling you you’re to big to dance, well you just shut them up.  Then you got angry and starting krumping. I loved that part. You guys showed your have different angles to play. Your lifts weren’t so great, but that death thing that Omarion said was crazy, it looked very clean. You also brought the funky guitar. Seems a lot of crews like that move. My advice, try krumping again. You guys looked crazy doing that. Good job
Slo-mo: Near the end, you started voguing. Keeps showing you have different angles. Good job.
STATIC NOYZE: What I liked about this performance, you combined disco, with ballet. I wanted to see you guys do ballet, to see how it looks. It looked great. The lift you did with Suzette was so elegant and graceful. The lift you did with “Baby Gaga” was tough and cool. You combined them with so many different moves. You also played with levels. There was floor work and up in the air. My advice, I didn’t really get a story form this performance. I do know if it was from the song or not, but try to bring that back in. Overall, good job.
Slo-mo: The 2nd lift with Suzette. Once again, elegant and good. 
JUNGLE BOOGIE: This was a good performance. You guys did have a good song. Okay, your challenge was the bump. I did see that, but only for a little bit. I don’t know how well you can incorporate that so much in one performance, but maybe you could have taken it to another level. But besides that, your performance was hot. The lift with Raqi lifting! Are you serious? Girl, you got strength! And you put salsa into your performance? So unpredictable. My advice, I didn’t see your animal, or any cranking. I liked that about your group, try to bring it back. But excellent performance.
Slo-mo: At the end, with the log roll with the dude, it was clever. Good job.
Final Comments: I was so sad to see all 3 of them in the bottom. I was even sadder to see Static Noyze go home. They were in fact my favorite crew. No hate on the others, but yeah. Also, Jungle Boogie survived, making the south not to be the first 3 crews to go home. Also, now that heavy is gone, only one same sex crew is left. A 4/5 chance that a co-ed crew will win. Let’s see what Usher will do to them.

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