Saturday, March 20, 2010

"4th ABDC Judge" on the stand for the Usher Challenge

Here's the rest of the review from "the 4th ABDC Judge":

Poreotix: Wow, this was I think one of your best performances. Your opening, I thought was “eh” but the rest of the performance was nice. You showed your humor with the underwear and the booty touch. I thought that was funny. You did get the Usher vibe and did some grinding and booty shaking and that’s what this entire week is about. Your challenge was the rewind and I thought “this is gonna look sloppy”, but it wasn’t. It was clean and on point. My advice, keep playing the angles. I don’t wanna see you revert to only tutting, but like tutting and flares and other stuff. But good job.
Slo-mo: When you (as the judges said) passed the flare. It was creative because it was like sharing the energy with the rest of your crew. Good job Poreo.
Hype 5-0: Hype, bringing it. Let me start by saying you did get the Usher vibe, but I thought I only for a little bit. I did like your performance though. Your challenge was the heeleys. You did real good with it. It was smooth. The flip was hot, and I liked the floor work. You did play with your levels and that’s good. My advice, your performance to me was okay. I just think you need to step it up. But you still did good.
Slo-mo: The swing with the heeleys. I thought that was smooth and it looked good. Good job Hype.
Bottom 2: It’s sad to see any crew in the bottom. But that’s the only way the show will advance unfortunately.

Blue Print: Wow, Blue print still bringing it. Your performance was really good. Your challenge was the hand choreo and that was also your Usher vibe. It was clean, it was sexy, it worked. You also were able to stay precise while looking smooth. You also did a little booty shaking and it was also sexy. My advice, you are good with highlighting, but I felt like I didn’t see much of the rest of the crew. But other than that, good job.
Slo-mo: B-boy hero’s head, handstand. It was dope and it was nice. Great job.  
Saltare: Nice work. You didn’t trip up and that’s good. Your performance was great. Your opening was good cause you didn’t start with ropes. I like your ropes, don’t get me wrong, but it was good to show us what you do without your ropes. Your challenge was fighting and I thought, “are they gonna trip up”? But you didn’t. It was nice. The steps into a flip was dope. Your stunts are always great. My advice, don’t let stunts take over. It was a nice balance, but I saw leaning more to the stunts side. Other than that, great job.
 Slo-mo: The double push up thing. I Thought that was sick. Nice job.
Final comments: I’m sorry for Saltare. They definitely showed us what jump roping is. For all the Saltare haters, you got your wish. Not to be rude, but now can you please stop. Now it’s a ¾ chance that a co-ed crew will win. I’m also really excited about the magic challenge because it was my favorite week in season 3. Who’s gonna disappear next week?

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