Thursday, March 18, 2010

Preview from the Pressbox: Chris Trondsen reports on the Usher Challenge taping

More of Chris' writeup: 

The crew that got sent home was actually in really good spirits.  I got to talk to one of the members outside one on one and they said that they knew it was their time and were happy and not upset at all.  They were all joking backstage and taking pictures and you wouldn't have guessed they got sent home.  It’s always interesting to see how different crews act.  Some have flat out said they didn’t expect to win and just wanted to come on to show what they are made of.  Others take it much harder and really expected to be in the finals and can’t take going home early.

This week backstage, most crews were their usual selves.  Hype was energetic and well... hyper, Poreotix joked around in their interview, Jungle Boogie was full of energy, and Saltare was all smiles.  Blueprint was a little different this week.  Real nervous energy.  And who would blame them?  They don't have immunity this week like they did last week and the country they are from can't vote.  But talking to everyone, they were much more excited for Usher week then they were with Disco Night.  Blueprint was especially excited saying that they can really show what they are made of to the music of Usher.

Each crew was given a mini challenge that goes along with the Usher video they got.  Hype 5-0 was nervous about the challenge they were given and practicing it backstage.  When you see the show you will quickly know why they were practicing and a little nervous about it.

There were a lot of ABDC Alumni at this weeks taping.  Suzette and Enrique from Static Noyze were in the audience, along with Isi, Leon, and Greg from Heavy Impact, Do-Knock from SuperCrew, Porche from Beat Ya Feat Kings, Teresa Espinosa from The Beat Freaks, Meg from Fanny Pak, and Hero from We Are Heroes.  Also there: choreographer and Regionals judge Chonique as well as former Britney and NSync choreographer Darrin Henson

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