Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Report from the tapings

Here's the rest of Crush!'s report on the taping of America's Best Dance Crew's Usher Challenge. Thanks again, Crush! As mentioned, the crews are listed in alphabetical order, not the order in which they appeared, so that there is no spoiler info.

Hype 5-0 got U Dont Have to Call and they had to incorporate the part of the video where Usher is on Heeleys and is skating around. They came out with Joshua skating through the middle and they got straight into their choreography.  They used the Heeleys a lot in their performance and it was so smooth.

Jungle Boogie got Love In This Club.  They started off creatively, kinda like SoReal Cru did, and the momentum continued. They got sexy, probably the most sexy crew tonight.

Poreotix got Ushers famous Yeah. Their challenge was to do some of the choreography that they do backwards.They had so may elements to them tonight, they did sexy choreo, booty shaking, strobing, robotics, etc.

Saltare danced to Caught Up. They had to incorporate some combat moves into their routine. I was surprised that in the beginning two of them danced for a long time without jump ropes in their hands. To incorporate the fighting they used their ropes to strangle one another, and they were also punching and kicking while jumping in the ropes. The highlight for me was when one of the males jumped from one member's back and did a front-flip into the jump ropes.  
The bottom two was surprising to me. Also,I couldnt figure out what crew was gonna stay, even though I favored another crew over the over. Both bottom two crews had great performances and good luck to the one that got eliminated!  

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