Friday, March 12, 2010

Chris Trondsen on what you DON'T see on TV: Crew reactions to Eliminations and on-line haters!

Crew reactions to Eliminations:   I have seen crews react differently each time they go home.  Crews like Artistry In Motion, Swagger Crew, and Ghost don’t feel like interviewing.  They take it pretty hard and just wanna get out of the set and clear their minds. You have crews like Fr3sh, Southern Movement, and BreakEFX that were in high spirits and willing to do interviews. other crews like Rhythm City and Royal Flush take it hard but want to interview just to get their feelings out there.

The first crew that ended up going home this week actually took it pretty well.  There were no tears or heads down, but good spirits.  One member even talked about going to have a drink after the taping! It’s not that they didn’t care, they just felt there was nothing they could do about it.  They just kept their heads up and were real positive.

The second crew took it a little harder.  When I was saying goodbye to them while they were in the van to go back to the hotel, they were crying.  They really put their hearts on the stage and took going home pretty hard.  They were still smiling when they said good bye to us and did a joint video with with the other crew that went home but were sad.  They really connected with a few of the other crews and are going to miss them.

Crews' reactions to haters:  Another thing that you don’t really see on the show but we got from a lot of the crews is that the critiques from the blogs and the internet are really getting to them.  I have talked to past crews like “The Beat Freaks” about how much the critiques get to them and remember B-Girl Shorty telling me she eventually stopped reading them cause it just gets too much.    Poreotix and Blueprint talked about how hard it is and also other crews said it’s getting to all of them.  I hope that they can keep going strong and not let it affect them.  But they do say that people are very positive to them on their Facebook and Twitter pages, so that’s cool.

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