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ABDC5 Lady GaGa Challenge Review by BJhayPinoy

The first thing that I want to say is, the way I do my reviews is that I watch the show ONCE through and do it in a way that the judges would do it. I do my best to give every crew positivity and a little negativity when necessary. I watch the performances when it debuts as a new episode on MTV and I DO NOT rewatch any of the show until I finish the review.

The second thing that I want to say is the review here is based on the order that they went, not the best to worst. Also, one thing that quite literally irks me about this week is the voting technicality. I believe that it takes away from what happened in the Music Video Challenge. That’s going to be completely ignored by most of America now and I believe that because of this, the voting, and all the great performances this week, the eliminated two in the bottom next week, and the bottom three as a whole could quite literally create great controversy in ABDC Season 5. Without further interruption, here’s the review.

STATIC NOYZE (Beautiful, Dirty, Rich): Static Noyze’s challenge was Beautiful Dirty Rich. Pether Veth played the roll of “Baby GaGa,” which is also his drag name. The performance started off a little slow, but that was only in the first few seconds. Throughout the whole performance the drama of Lady GaGa was FLOWING through the stage and around the audience. You can tell that Static Noyze focused a lot on the drama of Lady GaGa. Also, they chose to focus on one of Lady GaGa’s signature poses, which is the hand on the hip and the extended hand to make a claw. It was a great addition and focus to add to the drama and the added flip by Enrique was a good icing on the cake.
WOW Moment: The tutting was GREAT. We had Baby GaGa on his “throne” while Enrique, Gustavo, and Juandi doing the leg tutting while balancing themselves to maintain that pose and the girls were doing their tutting on the bottom. That was a memorable moment. That ending was fierce was well because Peter embraced his role as Lady GaGa when he tossed the moment forward and you could definitely TELL that Static Noyze was in the moment and that the drama was definitely present.
Word of Advice: As much as I love Static Noyze, I believe that this was a good performance. Not the greatest and not below an okay performance. The reason I say this is the choreography exhibited wasn’t the best. I believe that they could have done more difficult choreography.
Blueprint Cru (Bad Romance): This was definitely the best example of a Bad Romance. I believe that Blueprint took a risk this week as well because this wasn’t about being perfectly in sync with choreography. This crew certainly brought the drama, brought the fire, and brought an AMAZING performance. Blueprint immediately gave the drama when the three guys came down the middle, giving the audience the FIERCE aspect of Lady GaGa and then as the girls came out of the chair, the drama SKYROCKETED. The whole performance was great in many ways. From the choreography, the stunts, the drama, and the intensity, everything was there and that’s an example of what a crew that’s fighting to win America’s dance crew has to bring. The whole concept of this performance was what I BELIEVE to be the best of Season 5.
WOW Moment: One of the first wow moments that was IMMEDIATELY imprinted my mind was then Thien-Linh (TL) was lifted into the air by the three guys and gave the impression of being choked. That was a crazy moment, especially when they dropped her and pulled her down, it felt as if they were going to murder her. The other moment is the B-boy/partner section with Nichola and Derek while the girls and the other guy was doing choreography. Let’s not forget the murderous ending.
Word of Advice: Not really too much, but I would tell Blueprint, bring that fire every week. Also, Blueprint felt a tad bit stiff with their choreography in the beginning. Always feel as if you are going to be swung to the bottom because without that attitude (not saying that they never had it), America will respond negatively. I also believe JC’s comment was a bit unnecessary. Otherwise, beautiful performance
Jungle Boogie (Videophone): Videophone was the Lady GaGa song that Jungle Boogie was placed with and they decided to add the chair choreography that Beyonce and Lady GaGa display in the music video. The aspect that they needed to bring was the drama, which I don’t think was brought too well. The chair choreography was great, but the jump into the chairs to hold a pose was apprehensive. It was sloppy because it was either Cody or Antwain that didn’t hold his position on the chair well or get off the chair well. They brought the energy that they usually bring to their performance which was a plus and Raqi did get very sexy for this routine, but I think Jungle Boogie needs to step out a little bit and show America that they can pull many things out of the hat because I still haven’t seen too much difficult choreography.
WOW Moment: The moment that caught me the most in Jungle Boogie’s performance is actually Raqi altogether. Disregarding the fact that she is the lone female in the crew, Raqi used the stage to her advantage and brought great energy to her crew. She was also moving around the stage and using her sexiness to her advantage. She was able to sell her sex appeal well. The ending was funny because it brought me back to Flash Dance.
Word of Advice: What Jungle Boogie should bring to the table is versatility to their choreography and different dance styles, but not overdo those different styles to take away from their own image. They’re a great crew that brings excellent energy, but I believe that they can bring more.

Heavy Impact (Love Game): Heavy Impact had Love Game and chose to incorporate the poles (in the case of their routine, Stripper Poles) and the subway chairs from the Subway scene in the music video. They were actually able to work well with the poles. They added A LOT more stunt work and athleticism in the beginning of the routine which I believe was a plus and a minus at the same time because some of their stunts didn’t pull all the way through. Their choreography was great, but the aspect of GaGa and the drama of GaGa was a little lacking. Overall good performance because they stepped up their choreography and did well to have memorable moments in the performance.
WOW Moment: There were two wow moments in Heavy Impact’s performance. The first was when two guys lifted Isaac over the Subway chair’s while his arms were extended outward. It was a nice icing to the cake and the other moment was the ending when GaGa’s fierce and drama was most prevalent. The two guys that ended on the performance were sick because I loved the stripper-esque pose the one on the left pole did while upside down.

Words of Advice: The choreography was a bit bland today so I would say step it up. They tried to be a little too athletic which resulted in unneeded slopiness. Keep to you strengths whole bringing out the challenge more. The challenge could have been done a little stronger as well.
Hype 5-0 (Poker Face): Hype 5-0 had Poker Face as their song and chose to incorporate Lady GaGa’s use of her hands the hand movements presented in the video. Hype brought their energy to the performance and I believe that they brought more that the judges did not present in their critiques. The one thing was the use of their hard hitting energy while providing Lady GaGa’s drama and hand movements. I saw their hard pops and hits as they incorporated the challenge. I believe that Hype did very well to incorporate their challenge and I was happy when JC apologized for his mistake last week with Jon Ramones’ dismount. Overall, wonderfully put together performance.
WOW Moment: The beginning was a big fat heap of WHOAH. It was I believe Casey “I’m sorry if I’m wrong for this’ being lifted into the air to create the illusion of a 10 foot tall woman. It was great especially with the added effect of the hits against the dress. Another moment was the slide across the stage while doing choreography and hand moments. The hard hits and style of Hype was brought forth and the transition was smooth.
Word of Advice: In a way I do and do not agree with the judge’s comment on Hype being the same. It wasn’t necessarily that, but I believe that Hype needs to also move out of the box choreography wise. Toss in other aspects to showcase the other crew members and other styles to complement the Hawaiian Hard Hitting flavor that Hype 5-0 embodied. Bring it =].
  Poreotix (Paparazzi): Ahhh Poreotix, Poreotix, Poreotix. Poreotix had Lady GaGa’s Paparazzi, the song that I believe to be the most dramatic song and music video that Lady GaGa has ever done. Poreotix’s strength’s this week were sticking well to their popping choreography while incorporating the weird, out-of-the-box moments that Lady GaGa embodies. Though I do have to say that the drama that Poreotix brought was on a ok level, that was complemented by that ridiculous slide across the stage while Can and, I don’t know who else was it, Lawrence? They were in such a contorted position while the rest of the crew brought the drama with their dropped mouths while staring at the contortion across the stage. Also, an an overall performance I loved the use of the crutches and the shout out to Saltare which definitely shows great showmanship and a love for other crews.
WOW Moment: Like I probably stated during the review, I loved the contortion transition across the stage while the four guys in the back used the fans, their mouths, and their hands to overall bring the feel of GaGa. The regular tutting that transitioned into no-look behind the back tutting was beautiful and I do believe that their simple yet odd choreography incorporated with their popping this week brought a great GaGa flavor.
Word of Advice: Not necessarily saying that the choreography was boring, a little more Poreotix. Just bring some breaking and some great flavor to the challenge next week. The drama was present and everything POPPED out well, but just bring it harder and harder while staying to your amazing style.
Saltare (Just Dance): Oh Saltare, you did so much better this week. Saltare, ironically, had Lady GaGa’s breakout single Just Dance. This let Saltare know that they had to bring out the dance in them. They chose to incorporate Lady GaGa’s marching-esque style in the video to their performance which they did. Their choreography was decent, but they were not able to execute it well. They were able to transition into their jump rope choreography well and their tricks translated well, especially the bootie bumping on the ground while swinging their ropes in a circle, but they were too stiff and the dance choreography was only okay.
WOW Moment: The bootie bumping while turning the jump ropes in a circle under them was great. I also loved the slight drama feel in the beginning when the girls came through the curtains placed up. The stunts were placed well..
Word of Advice: Saltare did step it up, but their choreography was too weak and I believe that they were the crew that did not incorporate their Lady GaGa challenge well. The only feel of GaGa I had was when the two girls came through the curtains but I WISH I could have seen them bring out the GaGa and out-of-the-box weird feeling to their choreography. Otherwise, I want to see your dance choreography step up to the level of the crews on ABDC5.

Again, my Performance and Challenge Incorporation Ranking:
1. Blueprint Cru  2. Poreotix  3. Static Noyze  4. Hype 5-0  5. Jungle Boogie/Heavy Impact  6.  Saltare 

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