Saturday, March 27, 2010

"The 4th ABDC Judge" renders his verdict on ABDC's Magic Challenge

Here's the detailed review of ABDC's Magic Challenge, written by "The 4th ABDC Judge":
HYPE 5-0: That was really good. Let me start with the intro and how you used the poles. You jumped, twirled, and slide your poles and that was creative. Like what JC said, the ticking wasn’t that great but I still thought it was cool. Your floor work was also nice. Your challenge was to make the poles come to life  and it was hot. At first I thought “it has to be on strings, but then you used it as a pointer, without even gripping it. Also, Omarion said you guys keep doing the over and under, so what? I think it’s sick because you keep finding creative ways to do it. The pole one was really cool. Finally, how you dropped the poles showing that they weren’t real was creative.  My advice, I felt like when you were working with the poles, the other 4 just disappeared into the background. It’s not just cause of the camera angles, just make me keep my eyes on all of you. Overall, great work.
Slo-Mo: The over and under trick. I liked that because one slight move from it, someone could have crashed. Great job.

POREOTIX: Not to be mean, but I thought your performance was overall just okay. It wasn’t like the old Poreo that I like watching. Let’s start with the opening, you were very on point with each other. The kick in the air and the two guys spinning with it was cool. You did bring your humor as always. I did like the grooving thing the 5 of you were doing as the last person was bringing the cube, you weren’t just standing around. I also liked how you you slide under the cube as it was going. My advice, it seemed kind of easy for you guys. You are in the final 3, you have got to step it up.
Slo-mo: When you were passing the cube, you were going with it. It was fluid like and it was cool. Good job Poreo.
Bottom 2: I hate seeing the bottom two, all these crews deserve to be here and now they are just going down. It’s devastating.

BLUEPRINT CRU: This was a great performance. This week, you guys were theatrical with the audience member trying to get out of that crazy show. You also showed us you flexibility this week. TL, getting you leg that high and B-boy hero with the bridge. As usual, you were clean. Your challenge was to levitate someone. The trick was sick and when B-boy hero went under her, that was great. You even did another magic trick, nothing special but I liked it. My advice, keep up that fighting spirit. You’ve been in the bottom 2 so many times, but always came back. But great job.
Slo-mo: The flip and the legs. When he flipped, it was weird because the other dude jumped up and it looked like you had 4 legs. It was a good trick. 
JUNGLE BOOGIE: I really liked your performance. I did however thought your intro was eh. But it all changed when you popped your hand out. Raqi’s acting was good. But then, came the cranking. It was then Jungle Boogie. Your fast footwork and high energy made it a very good performance. I also liked the hula hoop thing(when you roll a circle and make it come back) because the group mimicked it. You even sent you hand through him. That was sick. My advice, work on intro. It was kinda slow for me. But other than that, great job.
Slo-mo: The over the shoulder flip. It reminded me of regionals and I liked it a lot. Great Job.
Final Comments: 
  • Don’t anyone ever say the South cant dance because after this, you know they can.
  • Blue Print could hold the record for most bottom 2 survivals because right now they are tied with We Are Heroes
  • With Jungle Boogie out, there's:
    • a 66% chance a co-ed crew will win
    • a 33% chance that a non-West crew will win
    • a 100% chance that I'll be sad when this season is over
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