Thursday, March 25, 2010

Preview from the pressbox: Chris Trondsen reports from the Magic Challenge taping

Here's the rest of Chris's report from backstage at America's Best Dance Crew's Magic Challenge taping:
The biggest difference between the bottom 2 crews was how well they incorporated the magic trick with the dancing. The crew that went home’s performance really revolved around the trick and not so much the dancing.  So in the end, the crew that stayed danced more and didn’t let the magic trick overwhelm the performance.

The crew that went home took it very well.  They stayed after and did some interviews, were happy on stage when talking to Mario after they found out they went home, and backstage were just bright and happy.  Not angry at all.  They were just happy to be able to be on that stage and dance their hearts off each week and have some amazing performances. We were actually fortunate enough to see their van in the parking lot as they went back to the hotel so we were able to say hi and talk to them even more and they were really positive about the whole thing and were very professional.

One thing the remaining crews are going to have to deal with is that one crew is the obvious crowd favorite.  When announced they always get the loudest cheers and if any judge says anything even remotely negative, they get boo’d within seconds.  If this crowd is any indication of how the votes are going, then the remaining crews have to figure out a way to start winning people over and getting the votes before it’s too late.

This week was also tricky for press.  We did not get to speak to the crews before the performance this week because they used backstage as part of the opening performance.  After the taping, there were so many press outlets so it was hard for interviews this week.  Glenda and I saved a lot of the questions from this week and will make sure to make it up to you guys next week!

Some alumni that were there was Steve T. from Quest Crew who was doing interviews for and the entire Vogue Evolution Crew.  They had two shows the night before here in Cali, one in LA and one in the OC, and then were teaching a workshop and dance classes the following day.  So they came by to watch the taping and did an interview with us! Leyomi also went on stage for a freestyle session and did her famous Leyomi Lolly along with a few dips and other moves and got the crowd hyped and excited to see her.

Each week, one thing they don’t show on TV is they have dance contests on stage.  So if you ever come to a taping, you have to be prepared to get up on stage and dance if you want to be a part of that!  Winners usually win guaranteed tickets to next weeks taping.

This week, you will also see Omarion do some harsh judging for two of the crews. 
He started off by telling the crews that his judgments shouldn’t be taken personally and then kinda went in on them. He tells one crew that they continue to do the same choreography each week and stuff we’ve seen before, that it’s almost the finals and they have to do better than that.  He tells the crew that ends up going home that he likes them but their performance this week wasn’t very good.. JC judges harshly again this week for some crews and makes people wonder if he’s harder on crews this season then he was last season.

Overall, two of the crews excelled with the magic tricks and illusion challenge this week and two fell a bit short.  The final three is a strong final three and it will be interesting to see who ends up in the finals especially with the way America has been voting. Expect to see a challenge that looks similar to The Beat Freak’s Magic Challenge week that they received, as well as things floating and some stuff that I still don’t even know how they did it!
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