Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Howard and Lekeith Present Their Top Ten Tips for the Final Three Crews

Here's the rest of Howard and Lekeith's Top Ten Tips for the Final Three ABDC Crews:

2. Don't Be Afraid of the Cheap Pop
LeKeith: Yes! The Cheap Pop is a Tried and True tradition insports and entertainment.
Howard: Not to be a hater, but the end of Jabba's first performance consisted of the crew running into the audience while Kid Rainen did some INSANE head spins.
LeKeith: It's true.
Howard: Normally, a crew might get dinged by the judges for that. But when the crowd gets that hype, it's hard to hate on it.
LeKeith: Exactly! If the crowd gets off their feet and is dancing along, you have won over the home audience as well.
Howard: See also: SoReal Cru's Hulk Hands.[picture on the first page of this post]
LeKeith: HAHA! That's the inverse effect. Instead of the cheap pop, I'd call that the "Really?!" pop.
Howard: No way! Hulk Hands FTW.

3. Do Give It 150,000 Percent.
Howard: Because nothing less with satisfy Lil' Mama.
LeKeith: Because when it comes to dance, there's no such thing as Math!
Howard: HA! I do think that it's an important point though. Do you have any tricks, stunts or crazy moves that you haven't done yet? This is the time to break it out.
LeKeith: Yes, absolutely.
Howard: See: Quest's awesome backflip push over two people.
LeKeith: That was a "What Was That (In a Good Way)" Moment. People remembered it and voted for it.

4. Don't Forget That Lil' Mama is a Real Person.
LeKeith: Speaking of Lil’ Mama, this is the truly last time for her to dispense some incoherent, illogical yet poignant remark.
Howard: I don't really have anything to add. I just wanted to highlight that Vintage Lil' Mama quote.

5. Don't Be Afraid to Break Out the Sexy.
Howard: Kaba Modern's only fault? Their ladies didn't take off enough clothes.
LeKeith: This is true!
Howard: Quest's key to victory? Hirano taking his shirt off.
LeKeith: I like your line of reasoning. Skin to Win.
Howard: Granted, only one group with females has ever won the competition. Also, Fly Khicks. But I stand by my advice.
LeKeith: But it's like the inverse of the 150,000 percent rule. If you've been relying on the sexy all season, we're a little tired of it. But if you haven't, it's a nice surprise.
Howard: True.
LeKeith: Another dimension, if you will. The booty dimension.
Howard: The only other negative? The Perv-o-Tron 5000 is missing.
LeKeith: That's Okay. Between JC and Omarion, it's like the Perv-o-Tron 2500. It's an older model but it still works.
Howard: I will take that. And I hope JC lusts after another member of Team Canada.
LeKeith: Yeah... I hope he doesn't.

6. The Circus is a Bad Idea.
LeKeith: Oh my god!
Howard: I'm looking at you, Status Quo.
LeKeith: Don't Ever Do Clowns EVER! This did not help your chances
Howard: This will be the biggest temptation for Team Canada, as they've gone the circus route before.
LeKeith: HA! But it was a French Circus
Howard: Seriously though. No one likes clowns.

7. Do Think Carefully About Your Music Choice.
Howard: Let's go through the songs from previous seasons:
LeKeith: Okay.
Howard: Status Quo's "Jack in the Box".
LeKeith: I just hate Clowns so much.
Howard: Jabba's "The Red Pill".
LeKeith: A nice change of pace.
Howard: Super Cr3w's "S to the Chest".
LeKeith: Meh?
Howard: SoReal Cru's "Smash It Up".
LeKeith: Dumb.
Howard: Awesomely dumb. Let us never forget the autotuned, "We're gonna smaaaaaaash it uuuuuup!"
LeKeith: Let us please forget.
Howard: Beat Freaks' "Freak the Dream".
LeKeith: Bad and a little Preachy.
Howard: Quest Crew's "Or-Quest-ra".
LeKeith: Crazy Awesome.
Howard: Luckily, they've moved away from making the crews sing their theme songs. But seriously, choose wisely.
LeKeith: Even if you’re just making your own beats, remember: less RaĆ­ces, more Ichiban.
Howard: A bad song decision will make me hate you. Even more.

8. Don't Forget What Brought You to the Dance
Howard: I know there's a lot to cover in the hip hop decathalon, but don't forget what brought you to the finals.
LeKeith: That's true. The difficulty on the hip hop decathalon is two-fold: The first part is the challenge itself, but the more important part may be the ability to stay true to your style while
doing the first part.
Howard: Agreed. Looking back, the weakness of Beat Freaks' routines at the end of Season 3 was that they didn't work in enough b-boying. Or b-girling as the case may be.
LeKeith: Right. Shane Sparks (we hardly knew ye) said something really interesting during one of the challenges. He can see when people are dancing by the numbers versus feeling the moment. In this dance challenge, going by feel makes it a more natural performance. Like Safe Cracking in the Italian Job.

9. Don't Go Second If You're in the Bottom 2
LeKeith: Yes! So True.
Howard: I know the crews may have no control over this. But it's a guarantee of failure.
LeKeith: If it's decided by a coin-toss, you better sneak in a two-headed coin and call heads.
Howard: Unless you're We Are Heroes.
LeKeith: True. Those ladies are the exception to the rule.

10. Don't Give Up on College.
Howard: Reading is fundamental, kids.

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