Friday, March 12, 2010

BJHayPinoy reviews ABDC's Disco Challenge

BLUEPRINT CRU (Le Freak): So Blueprint was the first crew to go up today. The song that they had was Le Freak.  I believe that there was less dynamic this week (not knocking them for cause I liked this performance a lot) just because it wasn’t as dramatic and powerful as their Lady GaGa performance, but nonetheless I loved the Disco feel that they brought. Disco is still quite popular in French Canada and there is a lot of towns like Quebec and Toronto that still have an embodiment of it and I think that Blueprint pulled of their task very nicely. I also noticed the Soul Train vibe that Blueprint gave off and their use of the Funky Guitar was great. They incorporated a huge array of many different old school styles without taking too much away from their performance. One of the great things that they did was use b-boying and Nicola well. They did well to also show that they can do other styles and that branching away from their precision and “blueprint” did NOT take away from anything that they had to show tonight. Overall, great performance you guys.
WOW Moment: Plenty of good moments in this performance. The first that stuck to me was their flips. While Nicola and Vincent were doing lifts into a horizontal helicopter spin, Derek was holding two girls and spinning them. That was graceful and well incorporated. The ending was also one of my favorites because of the way they jumped into the splits. It was like, whoah the guys all did splits with the girls, the whole crew did spits. Nice! Haha.
Word of Advice: Though the theme of Lady GaGa and murder skyrocketed them, I do not want that to detract from their performance, but I think the best advice would be keep the dynamic, and rise every week.  I can’t knock them.
SALTARE (Disco Inferno): Saltare’s performance was Disco Inferno and for once, I liked this performance. I do agree with Lil’ Mama in the aspect where they need to ABSOLUTELY KILL it with the dance. I really enjoyed this performance with use of flaming ropes and the danger aspect that they threw in. I did kinda expect something flaming because of the title itself, but the fact that they stuck to using three flaming ropes didn’t detract from their performance at all. I honestly felt the disco vibe they were doing their best to emulate in the beginning, but I wish they would have kept that all the way until the fire jump ropes. The first flip was also very nicely done, but I do have to bring out the messed up flip. It wasn’t as bad this week and I do believe that Omarion’s criticism is both correct and incorrect because it hits them a bit too much, but otherwise I liked this performance and I have no animosity towards them. Also the one thing I have to point out was that if Saltare could have done some disco and grooving during the flame jump ropes, that would have KNOCKED everyone off their seats, but otherwise, good job guys. They also did well to incorporate the flip and the challenge, but I think they could have done the disco a little more.
WOW Moment: Of course the fire jump ropes, but the other moment was their flip and incorporation of the flip portion of their challenge. It was worked well.
Word of Advice: The mistakes came out again this week, but they weren’t as major as the Video Challenge week with Shake It. The second lift came off apprehensive and uncoordinated. The other mistake that the judges didn’t catch was also during the fire jump roping. I was kind of scared because of the guys got his caught foot in the fire a little bit while running into his position, but thankfully he didn’t get stuck.
POREOTIX (Dancing Machine): To all the haters, I know you guys just got a bit of a smack to your faces and that is not being biased at all because the haters are trying to say that Poreotix can’t dance and all they do is tik tik tik. The first thing I want to bring out is the dynamic of this performance. One of the HUGE differences with this week is the dynamic. The energy level started off good, rose, got greater, and then flew. The wacking was a great way to begin because wacking is such a free and energy bringing style. The disco aspect was great. I honestly felt the funk and disco from Poreotix because they were able to branch it out so well and not take away from the popping. Also, the breaking was such a nice addition to the performance it’s not like they tried to break. They did not look like they were “trying” to be dancers and do other moves, but they actually showed the athleticism, energy, dynamic, and precision necessary to have the audience be able to stand up for them and have voters vote for them. The popping section was still great too, because they twisted it up as well. The challenge was met very well! You could literaly feel the disco, the locking, wacking, breaking, and the performance as a whole being put well together. 

Wow Moment: The breaking overall as a whole. I still remember the way Jet Li went across the stage when Lil’ Mama called it a dolphin slide or glide or something? I don’t know if that’s the name for it, but the way the guys fell into the man splits while that was happening was great. The locking was great, and I loved the, what JC calls, “Sexy Bot.” The last thing is the benching. Chad held it and benched him for quite a while, which may not necessarily be the biggest feat in the world, but it added a nice touch to the performance. 
 Word of Advice: Same thing with Blueprint, but I’d also like to say they stepped it up and showed that they can fight. KEEP IT is what I have to say and let your fans and America know that your out to fight for the title.
HYPE 5-0 (Shake Your Groove Thing): Hype 5-0, so yes, I believe that they did very well. They had Shake Your Groove Thing as their disco song. The dynamic came out in Hype 5-0 very well with their fun and happy intro. After that they did their well to incorporate their challenge. The thing that I think some of the Judges missed in Hype 5-0’s performance is that Hype didn’t just try do their challenge and get it out of the way. They worked well into their transitions and didn’t look like they were trying hard to be disco. The choreography did stand out well, especially with the added breaking where Duey hit his hand hops, went into elbow hand hops, went back into his hops, and went into a bboy pose. The challenge I believe was also met well. They did well to add to the disco and make the electric slide look hip-hop, which is a fun dance in its own right (yes Filipinos, I am pointing to all of you especially…). The stunt work went out well and the teamwork was evident. There one point where there was partner work with Jon Ramones with two other guys in the middle, while working out a different section on the sides with two different pairs into a lift and ending pose and that shows that they were able to incorporate many aspects into one whole performance. I loved their old school hairstyles.
WOW Moment: The hand hops and the added breaking definitely. The opening stuck with me two because they brought out their hand insignia and gave off the attitude of disco. One of my favorite moments was actually the way they did the electric slide. Maybe some people missed out on what they did with their feet as they moved to the front and it was a innovative thing to do.
Word of advice: Keep the same dynamic and level of energy all throughout the performance. I do agree with Lil’ Mama in that aspect. The other thing would be to keep growing, and rise above and beyond to bring the challenge out all the way. The lifts were a bit simple, but complemented by the teamwork in the middle.
HEAVY IMPACT (You Should Be Dancing): Heavy Impact had You Should Be Dancing. This is probably one of the best performances of the week. I felt the disco from the big guys especially during the grooving. Of course, I expected them to hit their challenge with the disco and I felt the disco from Heavy Impact. It was their disco and it was incorporated with their grooves, but the thing is it that Heavy Impacts moves are a bit one and two and three and four and sometimes. The choreography was good and was interesting with the addition of the challenge of incorporating the flip. The other thing that I have to say is that this is one of the performances that Heavy Impact was able to incorporate their challenge well, it just seemed that the choreography was okay. They can groove all day and have the audience loving it because their big guys who can do it! Overall, one of my favorite performance from them this season.
WOW Moment: The strut, they did well to bring out the strut in the end. Heavy Impact near the end of the performance grooved the front and incorporated the strut into it that ended with some nice nice voguing. It was playful.
Word of Advice: The major thing I had about this performance was that Heavy Impact was kind of secluded to the middle in different parts of the routine. The only other thing is branch out more and broaden yourselves a little bit past grooving. Keep the grooving because it is what Heavy Impact is of course, and keep going out.
Note to Heavy Impact as a Result of Elimination: I want to wish you guys good luck in your endeavors, performances, and everything in the future. Heavy Impact represented for all the big guys and girls and showed America how much big guys are capable of dancing no matter what. It was a powerful message and the thing is that Heavy Impact has many doors open to them. They are a great crew and work so well together, from the grooving to the dynamic to the power and the message, they embody a real crew. I really liked you guys and I hope you always keep it going, no matter what. I liked how the guy, after walking out, said “BITCH” when the door was about to close on him.
STATIC NOYZE (A Fifth Of Beethoven): Static Noyze, I was so saddened to see this crew go home because they felt like the crew that was out there just like the way Fanny Pak was. I love this crew and I was also saddened when Enrique wasn’t able to perform because I know he would have added much more cause he’s a fun and great dancer. The first thing I want to say is that Gustavo rocked it out this week. One thing I love about Static Noyze is that they HIGHLIGHT members. Week Two was Suzette, Week Two Battle was Jessenia with her strong entry into the battle, Week Four was Juandi mainly, coupled by Suzette and Jessenia, Week Four Battle was everyone, but I saw a lot out of Enrique. Week Five was everyone as a whole, Week Six was Baby GaGa (Peter Veth), and this week was Gustavo. I wish I could have seen a week with Enrique mainly, but enough of the sadness. Static Noyze had A Fifth of Beethoven, a disco song with a classical feel and twist. The first thing I saw was of course the dynamic. They did well to bring out the classic feel with Beethoven while doing their best to keep to the two challenges. Gustavo, being tall and more built than most guys on the show, danced well and brought out good energy and dynamic to the performance. He handled Suzette, the lifts, and the spin with Suzette gracefully and well. 
WOW Moment: The energy and dynamic from the beginning was great when Gustavo was holding the conductor’s baton. The biggest wow moment was the two part lift where Gustavo spun Suzette around like a helicopter and then went into a graceful spin. 
Word of Advice: I do think that Enrique not being able to perform took a bit of dynamic and edge away from Static Noyze. Jessenia was a bit off in the beginning with the jumps and ballet/contemporary/lyrical portion. The other thing is that some of the choreography in Static Noyze’s routine was a bit apprehensive, but otherwise as a whole the routine was good.
Note to Static Noyze as a Result of Elimination: I love you guys, I really do. Your inventiveness, creativity, drama, theater, individuality, and personality were always so apparent. You guys were one of the more fun and humble crews. I do not believe you guys are underdogs and I hope that you guys keep it going in the future. I’d love to see them going around in America, touring, and being who they are. They truly pushed themselves out of the bunch as a great crew.
JUNGLE BOOGIE (Jungle Boogie): I knew from the moment I heard about Disco Week, Jungle Boogie would have the song Jungle Boogie. Right off the bat, the first thing I had was a blast from the past because of their opening. They were bunched up together and brought their arms, waving and had huge smiles on their face. I knew that Jungle Boogie would be able to embrace this style and throughout the performance they did well to give out the feel of the 70’s. The other though is that Jungle Boogie stepped up from last week with a better performance, but I would say the difficulty was not too apparent in the choreography. I love their energy and they do well to best represent the south as the final South Crew.
WOW Moment: Raqi did well to flip their challenge and show America that she could lift a man the same way a man can lift a woman. The ending into the flip showed great humor, athleticism, teamwork, and most of all kept the energy as Jungle Boogie ended their routine.
Word of Advice: Raqi’s left was apprehensive, it looked as if she was too focused on the lift and she looked as if she was struggling a little bit. I didn’t quite understand the ending either, it was a robotic type ending, but I don’t get what they were trying to show with their legs and the shock that the guy and Raqi received. Also, do more to bring out.
Week 7 Disco Challenge Performance Ranking:
1. Poreotix
2. Blueprint Cru
3. Hype 5-0
4. Jungle Boogie
5. Static Noyze
6. Heavy Impact
7. Saltare

Signing Out, thanks again for reading my review. Until next week guys!

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